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Do I need end caps when using downtube barrel adjusters?

I have a frame with downtube bosses (Velo Orange Polyvalent). Currently, I'm using flat handlebars with MTB shifters that already come with barrel adjusters. However, since my frame has downtube ...
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How do barrel adjusters for v-brakes work?

I have been thinking about barrel adjusters and I don't see how they can be truly effective although they appear to work, except on this particular bike where they don't seem to do anything. Is there ...
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What actually causes the barrel adjuster to change tension in a cable?

See the image below for my mental model of a barrel adjuster. It's essentially just a metal tube that gets longer or shorter as you twist. I also understand that making it shorter will remove ...
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What are the counter-intuitive surprises an amateur bike mechanic encounters, after pedals and cables?

Pedals It's pretty obvious that one of the two pedals needs be tightened counterclockwise, but which one? A brief reflection on the right pedal's sense of rotation (while pedaling forward) with ...
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2 answers

Is there a convention for installing inline barrel adjusters?

A barrel adjuster consists of two parts, an inner core and an outer part. The outer part has ribs to facilitate grabbing and rotating. If the inner part can also be grabbed, turning the barrel ...
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How to adjust rear derailleur indexing in a mix-and-match drivetrain in the easiest manner?

I have a touring bike where the drivetrain has been built not according to Shimano's instructions. For example, the shift lever is SL-BS64-8 Ultegra 8-speed bar end shifter that according to Shimano's ...
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Why does my Shimano Nexus 8i need readjustment after every gear shift?

Since a month or two, almost every time I change gear my Shimano Nexus 8i becomes "unadjusted". I have readjusted it dozens of time but the problem persists. The gear is really easy to ...
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5 answers

Rear derailleur doesn't go to smallest cog

I'm sure it is a simple fix to this, but please bear with me. I have recently swapped my rear wheel on my bike (with an identical one, keeping the same cassette). Upon putting it back in, I noticed ...
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3 answers

Barrel Adjuster Strategy - What's the best way to use barrel adjusters?

I was taught that barrel adjusters are to be used as an on-the-road way to adjust brakes or derailleurs. I think the exact quote was "Leave the barrel adjuster for the customer to use on the road&...
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What is the plastic inside this barrel adjuster, and is it okay to be worn?

I'm replacing the brake cables (inner / outer) on my ~2 year old bike, and noticed that there is a piece of hard plastic tubing (2–3mm diameter) inside the metal part of the barrel adjuster that feeds ...
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Barrel adjuster cable housing sticking out, why?

I've been trying to adjust my front brakes and when I released the brake lever arm (on the disc brake) and moved the arm to the furthest back position, I noticed that the cable housing at the brake ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Does greasing the threads of an inline barrel adjuster cause slippage?

I am considering adding a hint of grease to an inline barrel adjuster. When the barrel adjuster (C) fully gobbles up the metal threads (B), it can be hard to determine whether turning the barrel ...
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Front derailleur will not sit properly on large cog without chain rub

I bought a Vilano Commuter bike ( 3x7 speed ) a while back and recently upgraded the front derailleur, crankset, brifters, pedals and rear derailleur to tourney A070 components. However, I can't seem ...
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What is the thread size/measurement of the derailleur barrel adjuster?

The barrel adjuster threads on my commuter bike's RD have been marred when the barrel adjuster got bludgeoned on a side crash and I want to chase the threads before screwing in the replacement barrel ...
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2 answers

Inline Barrel Adjusters with Shimano 105 R7020?

I'm upgrading my Shimano 105 5800 shifters to newer 7020 shifters in order to equip my bike with hydraulic brakes. I'm not changing any other components as part of this upgrade. The kit shipped with ...
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How can I lock a gear barrel adjuster that keeps moving?

My inline front mech barrel adjuster unscrews itself while riding. It's on the down tube so I can tweak it on the move, but when I realise it's moved isn't always an ideal time. For example I shift ...
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Why are barrel adjusters different for brakes and gears?

In my experience, the ones for brakes will look something like this while ones for gears will look like this Is it even true that this is the case or did I just randomly see all the bikes having ...
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