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How do I center a basket attachment that's sitting between the stem and head tube

I messed up while building my daughter's bike and started turning this basket attachment around, until I realized I am looking at it from the wrong side. Now it's sitting at an angle. What tool ...
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Lights for Rixen Kaul Klickfix shopper basket

I am looking for a solution to attach lights to my Rixen Kaul Klickfix shopper basket: Any suggestions? Would this clip work with the basket above?
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How to fix a metallic bicycle basket to the back rack?

I've been using plastic cable connectors, as can be seen in the picture below, to hold a bicycle basket fixed to the rack. However, they loosen up every couple of months. What would be a better ...
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Frame-mounted basket options

Team, I recently acquired a Yuba Mundo cargo bike, which is wonderful, but I would like a little more storage room when I have passengers on the load space in back. It has these two mounting points ...
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Trike with 60+ pounds basket possible?

I noticed that many trikes have a basket in the back but I need something much stronger capable of carrying a golf cart battery which weighs about 60 pounds so is that possible to make a custom one ...
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Which is the safest side to place a foldable rack-attaching bike basket?

I recently received a foldable bike basket which attaches to my back rack as a gift, which I am really excited about - it will make my commute a lot easier. However, I am not sure which side of the ...
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Front bag/basket configuration that works with butterfly/trekking bars?

My bike has these butterfly/trekking bars. My possibly-mistaken sense is that the hooks most front bags and baskets rely on are designed for flat bars, such that they will be too far apart to hang ...
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Messenger bag or handlebar basket?

Fairly straightforward question the answer to which I presume depends upon ride distance, terrain, bike type, and bag weight, but I'm hoping there's a rule of thumb that generally applies to all ...
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