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8 votes
2 answers

Bosch battery stopped charging

It is a Bosch powerpack 500 and the other day it stopped charging. The charger seems to have some output since one of the LEDs on the battery lights up. It is only one LED though and I believe I ...
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7 answers

Protecting bike attachments such as lights against theft

I was wondering what one could do to keep his bike attachments from being stolen. On Monday two lights were stolen off of my bike. I only had them for a day. It was the kind that has a rubber "strap" ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Charging eBike Battery with Solar

I need some advice / info on solar charging an eBike battery. We have two RadRovers from Rad Power Bikes. They are powered with a Panasonic Dolphin 48V, 11.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery https://www....
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3 answers

Is it possible to charge an ebike from a 12V solar powered battery?

I would like to use an electric bike while doing wild camping with my camper van. So I won't have a 220v source for days, possible weeks at a time. I am wondering if I could add a battery in my camper,...
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5 votes
3 answers

To what extent should I insulate an electric bike battery during winter?

For temperatures between 0 F (-18 C) and 32 F (0 C), to what extent, if at all, should I insulate electric bicycle batteries? I have read that they do not like temperature extremes. Should I wrap a ...
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1 answer

Blind rivet nuts for ebike battery on frame: aluminium or steel?

I'm planning my first installation of an ebike battery by drilling/riveting the frame (photo of the battery below), here are some details about the project: The battery weights about 5 kg. It's a ...
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2 votes
2 answers

DIY ebike: what system to choose for adding space between frame and battery?

So, the project is to install this 5kg battery: on this bike: This is no joke. I'm serious. Following up to this previous question, I'm going to use steel rivnuts (aluminium is really too light for ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Cygolite Expilion Battery Replacement

Did anyone take apart the replaceable battery of the Expilion headlight? I assume it contains a 18650 like battery, but some have a protection circuit built in and some not. Any knowledge about the ...
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