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Choosing a battery for my motor/controller

I'll keep this concise. While I'm pretty overwhelmed with all the reading I've been doing, I believe I'm close to making a decision and need a sanity check on the following: I purchased a Bafang ...
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Bosch Performance No charge?

Hi I have a 2017 Bosch equipped Cannondale Cointreau e it's the performance class 3 Bosch Drive. 500 battery. I'm getting 5 volts at the charger 120 volts going into the charger 5 volts on the output. ...
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Shimano 8000 Battery Reverse Engineering

I am on a mission to reverse-engineer the Shimano 8000 battery, with the purpose being to allow Shimano 8000 batteries to be used with a non-Shimano controller. The reason is to have two motors on my ...
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Charging issues, carrera im2 bike

having charging issues with "wonderful" carrera impel 2 bike. New battery fitted, software up to date, new charger as well. When i connect charger it's showing me that its charging on ...
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Specialized Turbo “LO BAT” error with torque loss

My Specialized Turbo has started showing momentary (5 second) “LO BAT” errors on the display, and at the same time the motor switches from torque to a stuttering high drag condition. This only ...
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Windgo ebike charging problems

Hi I've been asked to try and repair a friends Windgo ebike problem is with the battery/power it's a new bike yet is not turning on. Also the battery shows the illuminated Red light always and doesn't ...
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Bosch battery not charging

Bosch 400 battery pack, that I have not used for a long time. The lights are not lighting, tried to reset and got nothing.
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Carrera impel IS1 scooter

customer brought in carrera impel IS1 scooter and its pretty new. Max speed should be 15.5mph at the moment it goes just under 10mph. New motor, new ECU been fitted. Is it something to do with the ...
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