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Cons of using an infrequent use long range e-bike battery trailer using SLAs

So I've recently purchased an ebike and started thinking about how I could go long distances without charging. It occurred to me that whilst sealed lead acid batteries can't go through many cycles, ...
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Shimano STEPS E8000 battery won't charge [closed]

I have a STEPS E8000 bike and wanted to make some improvements, like possibility to charge from any kind of CC/CV charger (even using solar panels when grid is not available) and to charge it to 41v ...
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Bosch battery stopped charging

It is a Bosch powerpack 500 and the other day it stopped charging. The charger seems to have some output since one of the LEDs on the battery lights up. It is only one LED though and I believe I ...
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What is this ... electrical bike's setup? Is there a particular brand or model name for this? how to replace its battery?

Just bought it from someone, interested to get it fixed. he said it just needs to replace battery, I doubt it (after numerous experience with asking the sellers "what is wrong with the bike" and ends ...
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Shimano Steps E6000 battery charge percentage falls abruptly

When the battery charge gets to about 20-25% it drops abruptly to 5-10%. The steeper the hill and higher the load drop percentage is higher. Examples: from 25% to 6% steep hill from 13% to 8% small ...
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Charging eBike Battery with Solar

I need some advice / info on solar charging an eBike battery. We have two RadRovers from Rad Power Bikes. They are powered with a Panasonic Dolphin 48V, 11.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery https://www....
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Central axis motor or wheel motor for conversion to electric bike? [duplicate]

I'm planning to convert my "mechanical" bike into an E-bike for riding long distances to work, and I would like to buy only the motor kit since I already have the bike. I can see that I have two ...
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Bicycle computers with nonvolatile memory

The one thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger on some bike computer is the lack of information about the odometer, the lifetime mileage on the bicycle. When you change the battery in your car, ...
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Charging a Garmin Oregon GPS

Does anyone know if you can charge a Garmin Oregon GPS from a bicycle hub dynamo with the optional rechargeable batteries? Thanks Karl.
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Why doesn't my (battery-powered) light work in the cold?

I've got a cheap LED lamp running on three AAA NiMH batteries which stops working when exposed to near-freezing temperatures; is there a likely reason for this? The lamp has been dropped a number of ...
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Will the Garmin Edge Touring store an in progress ride if power is lost?

A rider is on a long ride, using a Garmin Edge Touring GPS unit and takes a break. If they wish to save battery on the Garmin, can they power it off and continue the same ride later? I believe the ...
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E-bike battery doesn't work anymore, where do I get this specific one? [closed]

Can somebody tell me exactly what battery this is or where I can buy it? I appreciate any help a lot! If you need more information, please let me know. Edit: This is the e-bike the battery used to. ...
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Protecting bike attachments such as lights against theft

I was wondering what one could do to keep his bike attachments from being stolen. On Monday two lights were stolen off of my bike. I only had them for a day. It was the kind that has a rubber "strap" ...
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Can I secure a 12v battery to my bicycle to charge it? And then attach a 12v horn to it?

I'm from the Netherlands, so I mean a Dutch style bicycle, as in: Then I want to attach a 12 volt horn to it. I could just put it in the basket. It doesn't necessarily need to be charged while ...
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How to use Garmin's battery more effectively?

I've bought a second hand Garmin Edge 800 for a while ago. So far, I'm nothing but delighted about the device and the battery life. However, since I have to plug it in in order to upload my rides, it ...
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Is the XTR Di2 battery compatible with Ultegra Di2?

I'm considering installing an Ultegra Di2 groupset on a small road bike. The space below the water bottle bosses is too little to install the regular road Di2 battery, but the XTR SM-BTC1 Di2 battery ...
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Cygolite Expilion Battery Replacement

Did anyone take apart the replaceable battery of the Expilion headlight? I assume it contains a 18650 like battery, but some have a protection circuit built in and some not. Any knowledge about the ...
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Can I replace my bicycle's dynamo with batteries?

I have a working lightning system on my bike with wired front and rear lights, powered by a dynamo. The dynamo's plastic has broken and I have repaired it several times now, but now it is FUBAR. ...
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