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Should the seatpost clamp be installed backward for a carbon seatpost in an aluminum frame? [duplicate]

Is it true that the seatpost clamp must be installed backward (i.e. its slot facing the handlebars) or at least with a slight offset to avoid aligning its slot with the aluminum seat tube slot when ...
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Is it ok to leave my bike on wheel-on trainer with roller pressed against the training tire?

I have a wheel-on smart trainer from Saris. Currently, prior to each session, I have to press its roller against the rear (training) tire by screwing in a special bolt - and then unscrew it after I'm ...
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How bad is switching derailleur gears under load?

I have heard several times the wisdom that you should not switch derailleur gears while pedalling hard ("under load"). The "right way", according to those people, is to pick up ...
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Barrel Adjuster Strategy - What's the best way to use barrel adjusters?

I was taught that barrel adjusters are to be used as an on-the-road way to adjust brakes or derailleurs. I think the exact quote was "Leave the barrel adjuster for the customer to use on the road&...
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Should square taper cranks be greased before installation?

There’s a fierce debate over whether the interface between a square taper spindle and crankarm should be lubricated or not. Adding to that, everyone seems to have their own take on the issue. Here’s ...
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Road bike gear common practices

I recently got a new road bike. A really beginners one (which is what I am). It is a Triban RC120 with disc cable brakes. I have two questions, Are there gear-chainring combinations that I cannot ...
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Preventing staining of clothes when carrying bike

Is there any reliable way to carry a bike (of non-insignificant weight) without ruining the clothes one's wearing? I live in a part of the world where millions of people ride in plain clothes every ...
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2 answers

How to carry a step-through/mixte bike

How can one carry a bike with a step-through/mixte frame effectively?-- In comparison, any diamond-frame bike is a breeze for me to shoulder regardless of weight (okay, carrying a 25+-kg roadster is ...
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2 answers

Suitable remedy for chain damaged by bike shop

I've got a fairly old Dawes Discovery 301 (not sure of the year); earlier today I took it to a shop to have a replacement bottom bracket fitted. I rode it 2 miles home, and noticed a slight ...
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Are there any tricks or pitfalls in timing gear changes?

I have noticed that my bike sometimes changes gears incredibly smoothly—quietly, quickly, very little 'jolt' through my pedals—while other times I get a rough, clunky change. I'm wondering if there's ...
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Unsure of Proper Tire Pressure

I purchased a new bicycle and I'm confused about the tire pressure. The guy at the bicycle shop told me to inflate to at least 100psi. However the bicycle itself has the words 'Maximum inflation - ...
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Is it possible to run standard mechanical shifting on a Scott Foil Premium frame?

The Scott Foil Premium is the highest end frame available from Scott Sports, and it is designed to run an electronic drive train, routed internally. The original reports were that this frame would be ...
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5 answers

How do you know if you can trust your LBS?

I've visited a lot of bike shops in my time. There have been great ones, and scary ones. One thing I've noticed is that they all seem to have the best intentions. I've never had one deliberately rip ...
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What is considered the maximum safe downhill speed on a road bike?

I've heard between 30-40mph, but I am pretty sure I have hit 45 and felt safe and in solid control of my bike. If you look down and see you are above XXmph, you decide it is time to put on the brakes.....
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How to choose a Local Bike Shop

I have moved yet again and I am trying to find a LBS that I trust in my new city. How do you evaluate a LBS given that you are paying them for services that you don't understand. (If you did ...
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How can I improve my stamina?

Generally I'm doing a lot of sports, (volleyball, hiking, soccer, swimming, etc.) and while hiking I have no problem to do 3000 meters or more in a day (uphill ;)) but when I go mountain-biking I have ...
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How do I wrap a road bike handlebar?

What is the best way to wrap a handlebar? Specifically: Should I start near the stem or at the bar ends? wrap clockwise or counter-clockwise? How to wrap (e.g. how many times) around where the brake ...
19 votes
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When are studded tires necessary?

Aside from racing or riding across a frozen pond, under what conditions do you find studded tires useful? I have never used them, and the worst I have had to do is take a day off when it is really ...
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How can I improve my pedal stroke?

I know a part of biking endurance and speed come from having a perfect pedal stroke. What should I do to improve my pedal stroke?