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5 answers

Drop bar maneuverability in a gravel bike

I'm considering getting my first gravel bike, and I'm wondering how much more difficult/limited (if at all) the maneuverability of a drop bar bicycle is, compared to a flat (riser) bar. I've gone to ...
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2 answers

Road bike control

After riding a hybrid bike for the last few years, I just got a used Cannondale SuperX road bike (CX to be accurate). I expected the change in geometry to be uncomfortable for a while, but what I didn’...
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11 votes
2 answers

How does fork offset affect bike handling?

Some forks come in a variety of different fork offsets for the same model. How does replacing the fork designed for the bike with: A fork with smaller offset, everything else the same A fork with ...
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Steering Dynamics Question

as I contemplate reducing reach by either 1/ shortening my stem or 2/ shortening my dropbar's reach, I have some questions about whether approach 1 or 2 will have a greater difference on my bike's ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Performing a manual on a road / gravel bike

I've been trying to improve my manual technique. I ride a Hakka MX and want to get better at manuals so I can better negotiate drops and whatnot on MTB trails. I'm having a hard time getting the ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Conical head tube: does it really make huge difference?

I am looking forward to getting a new mountain bike and in various reviews sites they are really focused on if a bike have conical head tube or not. In many cases it is the first thing listed as pro (...
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Understanding the bike geometry through riding [closed]

Though this question has been asked a lot of times, and there are very good answers out there, all the answers talk about the effect of individual parameters in isolation. That is, they take trail, ...
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14 votes
8 answers

How to improve one's bike handling skills?

Are there any time tested ways to improve one's bike handling skills? Outside of regular riding (road) are there certain exercises one can do to increase body awareness on the bike, improve ...
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