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For questions about bike-sharing schemes and their hardware

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Why do bike share bike typically have drum brakes?

The most common bike share bikes in the Boston area are BlueBikes, which use drum brakes. As a result, braking these heavy bikes takes a considerable amount of squeezing force. In my own experience, ...
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A bike-share system's website told me: "The subscriber is valid but the account is disabled." Why? (It turns out that my credit card had expired.)

I'm a member of Bike Share Toronto. This is one of various bicycle-sharing systems in various countries which use PBSC Urban Solutions as their technology provider. I went to the Bike Share Toronto ...
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How can I remind myself to lock a rental bicycle at the end of the ride? [closed]

In city where I live, shared bicycles have a wheel lock, which is unlocked by a mobile app what starts the rental period and which has to be locked manually by pushing the lever back to locked ...
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Bicycle access options for a week-long stay in Paris

I'm going to be in Paris this month for about a week for some conference. My accommodation is about ~15 min away by bicycle from where the conference in held, and for most of the days (say 4 or 5) I'...
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Shared bikes - what makes them robust?

We see a proliferation of bike sharing services. Given that most shared bikes are kept outdoors all the time, I wonder what components and designs help to make them robust in order to keep maintenance ...
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Where can I return a Gobee bike in Paris?

The Terms and Conditions says that bikes cannot be used for trips outside France in section 3.a.iii but also mentions "areas listed as sanctuarized (crosshatched)" ("zones répertoriées comme ...
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We offer our riders shared helmets. What sanitizing spray or barrier product can we provide alongside the helmets?

We are lucky enough to have four shared bikes at work, which are available for any employee to ride. Due to New Zealand's compulsory helmet laws, we must provide some shared helmets. Some people don'...
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How can I carry a heavy bag without a rack?

I want to buy a heavy 20kg bag of rice and bring it home. The problem is that I only have access to a bike without any rack or formal way to store bags. The bag is too big to fit in my backpack. The ...
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Is there an (un)official rule about twisting back a seat on broken bike for CitiBike or other shared bike programs?

"don't pick a bike if its seat is twisted around backwards. That's a sign that a previous rider found the bike busted." -(from SamtheBrand's answer to How to choose the right Citi Bike? ) Can someone ...
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How to choose the right Citi Bike?

It's 2013, and bike sharing has finally made it to New York City. Of course, the branded cruisers aren't the most speedy bikes on the road. They weigh a whopping 45 pounds, and their third gear - ...
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