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Where can I find local bike routes?

Where are the best places to find bike maps with local routes and trails? Places I typically reference when searching for this includes: Most local bike shops (LBS) have local maps available or for ...
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Submitting road data to Google

I have really enjoyed Google Maps cycling directions but find it lacking a lot where I live. I really want to update the maps with new/better information but I don't know the what, how, or where. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

App to find the shortest route with the least amount of climbs?

I want to go from point A to point B avoiding climbs, but also take the shortest route possible with the fewest climbs. Does any mobile app exist that can find the shortest route and with the lowest ...
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Route planning and avoiding gravel/unpaved roads?

I've got a Garmin Edge 810. Sometimes when using routes created with Garmin Connect or Strava Route Builder, I unfortunately find myself on bad gravel roads. Is there a route planning tool that ...
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How do you decide your route to commute to work?

I'm seriously considering bicycling to work, and I'd like some advice on the way to choose a route. Specifically, I have these two options: Go on a path with only 2 cross streets, but a road that is ...
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Which mapping/route planning source should I trust for elevation?

I'm planning a few routes, and while I've generally used Google maps and CycleStreets, the former makes exporting to GPX a pain (there are third party tools, but once you've customised a route they ...
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I am looking for information on cycle infrastructure in the Newcastle (north east England) area

I am planning to ride from the ferry arriving from the Netherlands in North Shields, near Newcastle, to Hartlypool, about 25 mile / 40 km to the south of there on the east coast. I am now looking at ...
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Finding better routes than bicycle apps suggest

Nowadays there are many cycling apps like Strava, etc. One useful feature of them is giving the shortest or lowest altitude change route between point A and B. Although they have that lowest altitude ...
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Suggested route across Long Island?

I am contemplating riding from New Jersey, across the George Washington Bridge, across Manhattan, into Queens and on to work in Long Island. I am already spending up to 2 hours on the drive due to ...
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