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Used when describing an otherwise unconventional and often risky/dangerous - way of fixing a problem. Ideally a short term solution that will be fixed properly ASAP.

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Cantilever brake is missing its mounting screws and washers, how do I replace them?

Context I am fixing up a BSO where the rear cantilever brake is missing. I want to keep this project green and cheap, and there is a good supply of used cantilever brakes online. But they often come ...
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Child seat: how to protect my child's face from rain and wind?

I edited this question more than any of my questions before, please feel free to view old versions. The overhaul of the question was approved in principle by a moderator. I did also add an answer with ...
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Can I use a Tubular tyre in a Clincher rim?

Just tried it - my trekking clincher rim was too deep, so have to use 4 layers of tape to keep side out of rim, but then tubular started to travel forward even during slow acceleration. Would you try ...
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Will adding duck/duct tape in my tires stop punctures?

Mountain bike Kawasaki kdx226fs
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Misplaced tyre lever - alternatives?

I misplaced my tire lever and it's very hard to change the tube of my mountain bike without a tire lever. I'm looking for alternatives if a tire lever is not available. What I've found so far are: ...
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Are my cable disc brakes knackered?

Well, I bought a bike called "Iron Horse" and the bike has front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The brakes, upon inspection, have no writing at all (The manufacturer was too scared to put their ...
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