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Successful cyclists with facial hair [closed]

It's not common to see a professional cyclist with facial hair - moustache or beard. Simon Geschke winning a stage in Trour de France in 2015 and Bradley Wiggins are the only examples of bearded ...
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shaving your legs, arms, or both?

I understand why cyclists shave their legs. I shave my legs. But as of recently have felt kind of funny that my legs are smooth and my arms are hairy. Is there a reason why we don't shave our arms too?...
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Body Hairs and Cycling?

Still, another of problem most of the cyclist go through "Body Hairs". For guys with long hair all over the body, cycling is another way of punishing that guy (hopefully not me). Especially, the most ...
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Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Why do cyclists shave their legs? Is it because of wind resistance?
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