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What are some major non-English technical works about bikes?

Of historical and present major technical works about bicycles, material that is intended to be higher level than everday DIY repair books sold to consumers, we have a number that are originally ...
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Summer Reading Recommendation: Bike Touring (Canada)

Summer is here so I was hoping to get some summer reading on the go (for when I am not riding my bike). Sometime in the future (next summer hopefully) I would like to do a cross-Canada bike tour. ...
7 votes
3 answers

Book Recommendation: Training [closed]

I am curious if anyone has any interesting books (preferred) or blogs on training for cycling. Right now I ride for a couple hours twice a week, I have a short 15 min commute to work and I ride for ...
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Good books on mountain biking

What books do you know about learning mountain biking.
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What book should I read to learn how to maintain a bike? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where to find good bicycle maintenance info? What book should someone that can fix a puncture but who have never replaced bearings etc read to learn how to maintain a bike?
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