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1 answer

How did Shimano solve Boost offset in double cranksets?

From what I've read SRAM solved Boost offset by making Boost and non-Boost chainrings. So the cranks are the same, you need to buy specific chainring. What about Shimano? Is offset within cranks or ...
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Is it possible to use a MTB with rear Boost hub with a Tacx E Blue Twist T2675 E trainer?

Greeting, I want to buy a Tacx E Blue Twist T2675 E ( or any entry to medium home trainer from Tacx ) but I am not sure if it fits with my Rear Syntace X-12 - M12 12x148 Thread Pitch 1.0 Boost E-thru ...
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What is required for a proper boost chainline on a 1x drivetrain - only a boost chainring or an entire crankset?

To obtain a proper chainline for a boost rear hub (~52 mm), is it enough to fit a boost (3 mm offset) chainring to a 1x crankset which is originally non-boost, or is an entire boost crankset required (...
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Compatibility of predictive steering hub with boost 110 fork

I have a bike which had a RS1 fork and a wheel with a required predictive steering hub. I have a second bike which has a Boost 110 front fork. Since both these hubs are 110mm wide, can I use the ...
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