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Questions tagged [brake-levers]

Hand control for actuating your bike's brakes.

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Shimano Dura-Ace R9120 lever leaking

My bike's Dura-Ace R9120 rear-brake/front derailleur shifter (left shifter in UK) leaks brake fluid when I pull hard on the lever. It leaks from this specific place: I understand this lever is ...
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Shimano road bike lever leaking mineral oil

I have a leak in my Shimano DA 9170 (right) shifter. When I do a bleed, everything seems to work for a ride or two and then I start to lose braking power and the underside of the brake hood is wet ...
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Microshift AdventX drop bar lever spring position

My left brake lever spring was not pulling the lever back and I checked and it was bent. I removed the lever and fixed the spring, but I don't know how to put it back. I can't find any tutorials nor ...
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after multiple brake bleed, lever's max stiffness is still close to bar

so after a few bleeds i've done on these Shimano saints, because of new levers replacement, i've found that the rear brake lever, although on max stiffness, goes way further to the bar then the other ...
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Cane Creek "universal" hoods and Shimano 600 (BL-6400) lever compatibility

Does anyone happen to know know if these Cane Creek "universal" hoods are compatible with these vintage Shimano 600 (BL-6400) levers? It's okay if they don't fit quite perfectly or if I have ...
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Normal MTB trigger shifters and hydraulic brake levers on a bullhorn handlebar

Was wondering if mounting Altus shifters and hydraulic brake levers on the vertical sides of a bullhorn handlebar would work or would be possible? I tried holding one of my grips on my flat bar while ...
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Brake levers for non-cycling application

I would like to purchase and install 2-finger brake levers to operate the diff-lock and brake on a walk-behind garden tractor. Okay, it's not a bike but it is a two-wheeled vehicle. The most ...
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additional brake lever as bullhorn lever

I want to change the handlebar on my folding bike, to get a less upright position. My idea is to pu a bullhorn-like bar, but I need both cable brake, and right shifter. Thus, I have either to use a ...
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Cross (also called in-line or sub) brake levers compatible with SRAM Apex

Does somebody know of cross/in-line/sub brake levers compatible with SRAM Apex? Could the Shimano GRX sub brake levers perhaps work? See
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when bike kept inside, brake/ lever goes extremely stiff

so, I've been through a lot of fiddling with my brake levers, giving them a small clean out and bleed, but I've noticed now that when i keep my bike inside (on heated floor) the brake levers go stiff, ...
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Differences and effects of brake lever offset

I've seen some flat bar brake levers where the the pivoting plane of the lever blade is offset and not in line with the center of the handlebar's cross section. What's the purpose for such design? ...
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Click/snap sound while fastening brake lever onto carbon bar

I was fastening Shimano STI levers onto Bontrager carbon drop handlebars yesterday, with my torque wrench set at ~2nm, and heard a short rather loud click/snap sound shortly after starting to tighten, ...
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Hydraulic road levers bleeding not working

a long time reader here that was usually able to find an answer, but not on this one. I've done some basic and slightly more advanced fixes and part replacements on bicycles, but I've never installed ...
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