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The part of the brake that absorbs the friction during the braking action.

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Enhancing brake force with steel rims in wet conditions?

I currently own an old racing bike, that still has ripped steel rims and a side pull caliper brake. The braking power is acceptable when the street is dry, but as soon as it gets wet (even morning dew)...
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Why are there metal shavings in my brake pads?

I have several brake pads on my cantilever brakes that have several small metal shavings embedded in the pad. Is this normal? What should I do about it?
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Disc brake pad and rotor compatibility

The SM-RT53 rotor should be used together with resin pads. If it is used with metal pads, the pads will wear out very rapidly. from Shimano BR M-416 disc brake manual How do I know if a rotor is ...
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How do I change my disc brake pads?

How do I change my disc-brake pads? How do I avoid letting the fluid out?
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Why do my brakes squeak? Do I have an incorrect distance between brake pads and rims?

My brakes were working normally until I adjust them today. I thought the brake pads were too close to the rims so I increase the distance a bit. Now every time I brake, they make horrible squeaking ...
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How long should MTB disc brake pads last?

I'm fairly new to mountain biking and I was able to put in around 900 miles on my first set of brake pads on my Giant Anthem X2. At that point they started grinding metal on metal. I went and bought ...
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Why would my rear brake pads wear faster than front?

It has already been established that most of braking power comes from front brake. Now, several times that I have been replacing brake pads on my commuter cyclocross bike I have noticed that rear pads ...
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Disk brake pads too thick?

I have an old Magura Julie disk brake. It seams that new pads are too thick for the brake. I already tried 2 different types. But when I insert the new pads the gap between the pads is completely ...
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Changing Magura HS33 rim brake pads

My brake pads have worn to the point where the lever can no longer apply full pressure, and there isn't much pad protruding beyond the pad mounting. So they need replacing and I want to do it myself ...
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What brakes are these? Could I upgrade them?

I've picked up a Pashley no.33 cargo trike which I plan to turn into a coffee bike. Are these single pivot or dual pivot caliper brakes? They aren't particularly effective and I wondered if anyone had ...
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Are v-brake pads compatible with cantilever brakes

I have a set of Avid Shorty 4 cantilever brakes, well two sets (front and back) and wish to upgrade the pads. These are centre pull, linear pull brakes and have brake pads which are mounted from the ...
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Disc Pad Materials

Someone please give me a rundown of the pros and cons of different disc brake pad materials. Resin, organic, sintered, metallic, different backing plates, etc. There are a lot of choices, and I've ...
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Pistons are aligned only without pads in

I've reset the pistons (after taking the pads out) of my XT hydraulic brakes, and made sure they do extract evenly when operating the lever. After putting the pads and the wheel back in (and adjusting ...
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Quando Brake Pads - Anyone know where I can get a pair

I have just bought a second hand Diamond Back Sorrento mountain bike, the bike is about 5 - 6yrs old apparently and needs some minor maintenance. The brakes are absolutely shot and I need to replace ...
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TRP HY-RD brake pistons won't retract to take new pads [duplicate]

I'm replacing pads on my TRP Hy-Rd brakes. These are cable actuated hydraulics. Using tire levers, wrenches, etc. I have not been able to push the two pistons far enough apart to fit the rotor between ...
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What features make a disc brake caliper unsuitable for use with other than resin pads

Shimano says its Tourney mechanical disc brake is "designed for resin pads only". What is it about the design of a brake caliper that makes it suitable only for resin pads?
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