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Brakes rubbing on ride after centering, brand new bike

I recently purchased a new mountain bike. The brakes are Clark M2 hydraulic disc brakes. The bike came pre-assembled except for the pedals, handlebars, and front wheel. I don't see anything wrong with ...
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Brake caliper not springing back all the way

I've got got some road caliper rim brakes which don't spring back all the way after pressing them. They go back 95% of the way but there is a tiny bit of left after that they can travel. (without the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can I replace my rear cantilever brake with a caliper brake?

Can I replace my damaged rear cantilever brake with a caliper brake? I assume there are two things to consider: frame and lever. Frame The frame has a black, hook-shaped part, which I believe Sheldon ...
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Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc caliper alternatives?

I have a bike from early 2016 with Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc calipers. These need to be replaced, but are discontinued, and newer road/cross/gravel offerings from Shimano use BH90 hoses, while ...
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