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Caliper brake lubrication

Good day all, I have a question about caliper brake maintenance. Occasionally, my caliper brakes remain a little "stuck" closed, in that I have to manually open them/spread them back out in ...
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What's the significance of "Inside" vs "Outside" caliper hose connection?

When Shimano rolled over from the "x000" series mtb brakes (e.g. 6000, 7000, 8000) to the x100 series, one thing that changed is where the hose connects to the caliper. Before, it was on the ...
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Brake piston fell out during bleeding - anything to fix?

When bleeding a brake, I did not insert the correct spacer, pushed the lever too eagerly, and the piston fell out (and the oil was on the floor). Is there anything to fix after this besides just ...
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Can I replace my rear cantilever brake with a caliper brake?

Can I replace my damaged rear cantilever brake with a caliper brake? I assume there are two things to consider: frame and lever. Frame The frame has a black, hook-shaped part, which I believe Sheldon ...
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What limits the rotor size in flat-mount brakes?

Let's consider Shimano BR-RS305 caliper. The only numbers which are floating around are 140 mm and 160 mm for the rotor. My question is -- what stops this caliper from using 180 mm or bigger rotor? ...
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Brakes rubbing on ride after centering, brand new bike

I recently purchased a new mountain bike. The brakes are Clark M2 hydraulic disc brakes. The bike came pre-assembled except for the pedals, handlebars, and front wheel. I don't see anything wrong with ...
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I was leaning the bike against the wall

I have a quite a new bike (aluminium frame) and I came home after a ride and when I was leaning a bike against the wall I hit the brake caliper (or more like the tube, that's next to it) against the ...
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Schwinn Kids Bike brake caliper spring not attached. Help!

I recently ordered a child bike for my daughter as a Christmas present. The hand brake caliper was not assembled with the brake spring in place. Based on my basic understanding of how this works I ...
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Shimano 105 Disk Brake Failure

While bleeding my Shimano 105 hydraulic rear disk brake (BR-R7070) the seal around one of the caliper pistons failed. I was following the Shimano dealer manual meticulously and I had only just done ...
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Shimano BR-MT400 caliper upgrade?

After 2 years calipers no longer retract fully (pistons) causing annoying rubbing sound. What options do I have to upgrade it (perhaps something more durable) providing I still want to reuse the same ...
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Role of a mysterious clip on a front brake caliper screw [duplicate]

I was doing some fork maintenance the other and noticed a strange clip that is mounted on one of the screws used to attach the caliper to fork. The pictures below show the clip in question. It really ...
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Is overhauling dual-pivot caliper brakes due when the centering screw is ineffectual?

The balancing/tensioning/centering screw on my rear dual-pivot (rim) caliper brakes is no longer effective. Is it a good idea to disassemble the calipers down to individual pieces, say once every two ...
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Brake caliper not springing back all the way

I've got got some road caliper rim brakes which don't spring back all the way after pressing them. They go back 95% of the way but there is a tiny bit of left after that they can travel. (without the ...
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Why is there no pressure in brakes after leak?

I made a mistake when trying to align the caliper to correct for the disc rubbing against the brake pads. Instead of unscrewing the bolts mounting the caliper body to allow adjustment, I unscrewed the ...
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Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc caliper alternatives?

I have a bike from early 2016 with Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc calipers. These need to be replaced, but are discontinued, and newer road/cross/gravel offerings from Shimano use BH90 hoses, while ...
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Clarks and RideRever Caliper Pad Spacing

We've had a horrible time adjusting RideRever and Clarks hydraulic disk brakes in the shop. I visually observed that the pistons pull back only very little when the lever is released. I compared both ...
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