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Questions tagged [campagnolo]

Brand-specific questions relating to Campagnolo groupsets and components.

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Are Campagnolo 11 speed ESP and 11 speed XPSS chainrings compatible

I need to replace some 11 speed ESP chainrings (not to be confused with EPS, their e-shifting tech). I am only finding 11 speed XPSS chainrings. Campagnolo calls XPSS: X.P.S.S.™ Extreme Performance ...
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Help identifying a Bianchi track frame

I've been trying to identify this Bianchi track frame - any help would be appreciated! Closest I've come is Eco Pista from early 80s, but I'm absolutely no expert on the matter. The numbers on the BB ...
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Campy cranks and pedals compatibility

I have a campy Super Record crank set from around the 1970’s stamped with 9/16x20F and campy pedals stamped with 9/16x20, but am met with lots of resistance when I try to install them. The cranks came ...
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Will current (2021) Campagnolo brakes have sufficient clearance for 28c tyres and mudguards?

I believe that current Campagnolo brakes don't have a quick-release mechanism on the brakes themselves, which means that unless they are paired with Campagnolo levers, it could be awkward to remove a ...
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Campagnolo rear mech screw type

My limit screws' heads have gone rusty, I want to replace them for looks and to make sure they are easy to adjust on a ride. I would love hex rather than Philips heads! Does anyone know the type of ...
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Single speed conversion kit

I have an old Battaglin road bike from 1997 that I want to convert to a single speed. My issue is; what conversion kit to buy? The rear hub spline (not sure this is the correct term) has a 4x4 ...
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