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Refers to extremely common questions that are frequently asked in some form or another and do not warrant a new question being asked each time. These questions are general, not case-specific, and form the foundation of cycling knowledge.

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What is linkglide/cues and how do they differ from existing standards?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, meant to be referenced when appropriate. In 2021, Shimano launched two LinkGlide Deore and XT Drivetrains (shifter/derailleurs/cassettes, numbers ...
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What do I do when I am unsure if damaged carbon fiber is safe to use or needs replacing or repairing?

Intended as a canonical answer to the many questions we have about damage to carbon parts. It is well known that carbon fiber parts can be damaged and fail, and carbon parts can be fragile when ...
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5 answers

Should square taper cranks be greased before installation?

There’s a fierce debate over whether the interface between a square taper spindle and crankarm should be lubricated or not. Adding to that, everyone seems to have their own take on the issue. Here’s ...
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What is the maximum tire or minimum tire width I can fit on my bicycle

We often get questions on bicycles.stackexchange about fitting wider tires or narrower tires (for search - bigger tires, smaller tires) to bicycles. We have a large number of these with answers ...
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Why shouldn't I care what model/make/year my bicycle is?

We often get questions on bicycles.stackexchange about identifying a bicycles manufacturer, model, make, and year. Often these questions are downvoted or closed -- usually with a comment attached to ...
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How can I tell what year my bike was made?

This is a canonical question that will hopefully encompass all of the questions we get asking us to determine what year a bicycle was manufactured (how old is my bike, how old is my frame, etc.). Each ...
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What is the purpose of a serial number?

It seems like pretty much everywhere I look, serial numbers can't do the things that it seems they should be able to do. They can't help people figure out what bike they have. They can't help at all ...
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Why are both Schrader and Presta valves still used on tubes?

It is standard for road bikes to adopt Presta, whereas nearly all else use Schrader. I personally think Schrader are better: I've had fewer Schrader valves break on me than Presta No problems if ...
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How can I teach my capable 20-something friend to ride a bike?

My friend, let's call him Jack, does not know how to ride a bicycle. Jack is a fully capable 27-year-old man. His father was incarcerated during a block of his upbringing, leaving him without a skill ...
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How to use drop handlebars properly?

This might seem like a really basic question, but there's no harm in asking. I've never had a bicycle with drop handlebars. I've always had sort of standard horizontal bars with only one hand position,...
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Terminology index - a list of bike part names and cycling concepts

This question and its answers list the names of bike parts and cycling concepts. Some Rules Make sure you only put one term per answer! Try to include an image if applicable Include sources that ...