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Canyon Speedmax rear bottle mount

I've noticed a few of the pro's in triathlon using a larger rear bottle mount on the seat posts of canyon speedmax's, Sam Laidlows: and Chelsea Sodaro had it ...
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Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 2022 steerer tube compression plug stuck?

This is concerning my friend's Ultimate CF SL 7 (105) 2022. Ridden approx 5000 km so far. Everything's been fine, up until a recent ride, but now there was noticeable movement (in the direction of the ...
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BB86/92 spacer hollowtech Ultegra 8150

I'm having some issues on my new road bike which I am setting up. It's a Canyon Ultima CFR frameset which came out of the box with the handlebars, Dura Ace 9200 wireless shifters and brake calipers. I ...
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What DT Swiss Valve and Tubeless Tape fit DT Swiss Wheels 2291335 and 2569868?

I recently bought the Endurace CF SL 7 eTAP bike and it came with DT Swiss wheels. DT Swiss front wheel 2291335 DT Swiss rear wheel 2569868 What DT Swiss valve would I use for my front and rear wheels?...
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Is my rim cracked, or is it something else? [duplicate]

I had my canyon torque AL5 29inch for 12 days. Today I saw this on my rim. Is it a crack, or is it something else? The crack is positioned at the opposite site of the valve.
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