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Any help identifying a Focus carbon Izalco with SRAM Red?

Buying a bike from an online listing, and trying to find some information on it. I researched Focus's serial number formatting, but since the release of this bike it has changed, and the serial number ...
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Carbon damage to frame after sideway fall

Today, I went out for a ride and had a small crash. I fell down sideways, then came home and realized there’s a small paint chip (which i’m fine with it) but there’s a small dot which is the deeper ...
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How should I deal with this splintered carbon steerer?

I made a bit of a mess of my fork's carbon steerer while cutting it: I deliberately cut the steerer around 10 mm longer than I needed it. While cutting, the steerer was secured in a stem up to this ...
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Are these abrasions problematic in a carbon fork dropout?

Got my first road bike with a carbon fork and when installing the front wheel the skewer slipped a little. Now I got some shiny surface lines there on the carbon surface. I wouldn't even call it ...
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Is this a crack? Came off my Carbon frame for the first time

A guy on his phone just walked out in front of me into the bike lane and I plowed him at about 30kms. I walked away without a scratch and he absorbed most of the impact but my bike did hit the ground. ...
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Where do I locate/install the compression plug for my stem in my carbon steer tube?

I have Cannondale Si compression plug with flat top cap and I am using a Bontragar Blender Pro stem on my CADD 13. I wondered how I should locate my compression plug within the carbon steerer tube of ...
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Carbon fork - removed exapnder plug before loosening stem

So I forgot about the correct procedure and removed the expander plug on my carbon fork before unfastening the stem's bolts (carbon-specific stem, 5 Nm, unscrewed stem right after removing plug, and ...
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Possible damage in carbon fork of used road bike I'm about to buy

I'm about to buy this used Giant TCR (year?) road bike, but I noticed it has a raised mark on one side of the fork. The bike shop knows nothing about it and it seems structurally fine. May it look ...
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Reconciling the two aspects: carbon is stiffer for power, but offers a softer ride

At times composite (carbon) is touted as being stiffer than (aluminum) alloys as well as stiffer than steel (leaving Titanium to a different discussion). This means that the frame will not yield (much)...
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Canyon Endurace CF 8: expander vs compression ring

I recently bought the Canyon Endurace CF 8 and after talking with the support center, they told me the expander is the compression ring Ai-70. However, after riding the bike for some km, I notice the ...
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What should the torque of an expander plug in a carbon fork be?

What torque should be used for the expander plug in a carbon fork? This one shows 8NM, which seems high Manufacturers rarely seem to supply this information, yet tightening too much could damage the ...
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Hylix carbon fork and compression plug

I have an Origin8 compression plug 90mm long with recommended torque of 8Nm. But it can't be inserted fully into the Hylix carbon fork I bought online as there's lots of epoxy blocking the tube in the ...
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manufacturing debris inside carbon fork steerer tube

I bought a 90mm compression plug so it would extend about 30mm into the bike's head-tube. But when the carbon steerer tube was cut to desired length, the compression plug could only be inserted to ...
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