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Questions tagged [carbon]

Frames or components made from carbon fiber, possibly even about carbon accessories.

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Mavic Cosmic SLS - carbon separation

Some aero’ wheels are an aluminium rim with a carbon fibre shroud. On a Mavic Cosmic SLS rear wheel, I’ve found that the carbon fibre shroud is separating from the aluminium rim. Just visible in the ...
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Need help understanding the components of a carbon fiber seat tube to properly unseize it

I recently picked up my first carbon fiber bike which has a carbon fiber seat post that seized to the frame due to rust. I did not initially think that was possible but after looking at it, I believe ...
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Lubricate between spoke nipples and carbon rim?

When building wheels, nipples should be lubricated so they can still turn easily under tension, towards the end of the build. When building a wheel using carbon rims, do you also lubricate the contact ...
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Most appropriate roof rack style for carbon framed mountain bike?

I have a CC Carbon Santa Cruz Hightower, which I would very much like to look after the frame. I have read in a couple of places that it can be dangerous/damaging to clamp onto carbon frames, so does ...
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manufacturing debris inside carbon fork steerer tube

I bought a 90mm compression plug so it would extend about 30mm into the bike's head-tube. But when the carbon steerer tube was cut to desired length, the compression plug could only be inserted to ...
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Carbon integrated seatpost small dent

I have a Ridley Noah frame that has a really small dent in the integrated seatpost, the dent itself does not seem to be caused by an object hitting it. It looks like it has been caused by hanging it ...
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Click/snap sound while fastening brake lever onto carbon bar

I was fastening Shimano STI levers onto Bontrager carbon drop handlebars yesterday, with my torque wrench set at ~2nm, and heard a short rather loud click/snap sound shortly after starting to tighten, ...
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Carbon seatpost stuck due to damaged grub screw

I have an Orbea Orca 2024 with Di2 and the grub screw for adjusting seat height has potential thread damage and it won't come out. The bike mechanic explained that the reason the grub screw went so ...
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carbon frame bike ktm revelator 4000 2017 damaged

KTM 2017 revelator 4000 in the bottom of the frame I have noticed this failure/puncture. Would you trust the damage here in the picture?
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Carbon Specialized Sirrus X5.0 Help

I am very new to this thread and seeking help from an experienced bike enthusiast. I just purchased the aforementioned bike in the title and after bringing it home for inspection (bought brand new ...
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Carbon fork crack?

I have aluminum bike with carbon fork, this is in the front of the carbon fork, it is in both sides of it? It's a carbon crack or paint crack?
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