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A cluster of sprockets, commonly 5 to 12 of them, attached to a freehub on the rear wheel.

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SRAM XD cassette will not fit on the splines of an XDR driver

I have an 11 speed 10-42 XD cassette that I am trying to fit on an XDR driver (this one - No matter how I turn the ...
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New hub slipping when powering up?

I recently had my Giant Propel SLR serviced (including new chain, Cassette and a new Hub) as gears were beginning to slip. However after the service when I climb into top / hardest gear and put the ...
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Using 11-36t 9 speed derailleur with 11-40t 9 speed cassette

So I've got the shimano altus rd-m2000 and it says that it only supports 11-36t. However, I've seen people on forums say that it's possible with this derailleur. Even it I was wondering if with a ...
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chain / cassette / chainrings replacement ratios - how often to you usually replace cassettes & chainrings per number of replaced chains?

I'm looking to get other riders experiences with how often cassettes and chainrings usually have to be replaced per the number of chain replacements. On my 2 road bikes I usually find roughly the ...
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Compatibility of Shimano Ultegra and Sora components

My road bike has an Ultegra groupset, but some parts need replacement (chainrings, chain, and cassette). The chain is worn out, the cassette is sliding with a new chain, and the chainset is also worn ...
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9 Speed Shimano cassette on 10+ speed hub

I've got a 2010 Specialized Tricross with a mostly original drivetrain and wheels. Notably for this question: Front derailleur: Shimano Tiagra Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore LX Chainset: Shimano ...
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Expand range on xt FC-M5100-2 cranks

I am wanting to convert Giant toughroad SLR from 2x10 to Di2 2x11. It has a QR 135MM rear axle and am told it should accept a shimano 11sp cluster, say the CS-M8000 11 46t The xt cranks are 26 36 ...
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Cassette noise in gears 1,2 and 3 on newer bike

I was out riding when I broke my chain (too high of a gear and too steep of a gradient). Got chain replaced and now my cassette gear 1 (easiest gear) takes more power to pedal than gear 2 and when I ...
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Shimano 9 Speed Cassette with Microshift Advent 9 Speed Road Shifter

I fancy setting up my old but amazing Cannondale F1000 with a dropbar and corresponding road shifters.The only affordable system I could find for that is the Microshift Advent 9 group. I'm happy with ...
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New chain and cassette makes cycling much more difficult

I had a new chain and cassette fitted yesterday. But today, hills which I could easily climb two days ago are now horrendously challenging. What was a pleasure has just become a nightmare. Why is this ...
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Compatibility question

I was wondering on a mountain bike what rear derailleurs work if have a 21 speed bike. Additional information: 7 ring rear cassette and 3 in the front Will an 8 and 9 speed rear derailleur work or ...
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Band New Front Gear Shift Issue

I brought a bike a few days ago and barely rode it. Every time I did I noticed that the chain would slip in the front gear going to a larger chainring, in this case it's gear 2. 'Funny thing is I took ...
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Why doesn't the cassette rotate when I backpedal?

I have an old bicycle where backpedaling causes the cassette to not rotate. Instead, the cassette stays still and the rear derailleur bends, providing new chain to go around the backpedaled chainring. ...
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