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Something like chainsuck on RD lower pulley after new crankset install?

I just switched out a Shimano M5100 crankset for a SRAM GX Eagle crankset. I am using a KMC X11-EL chain. I cleaned the chain before installing it with the new crankset. My RD is a Shimano SLX 11-...
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Are there tugnuts made to fit forward facing horizontal dropouts on a Pashely Parabike? [duplicate]

Are there tugnuts to fit forward facing horizontal dropouts for a Pashley Parabike? Internal gear hub.
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2 answers

Bike axle block/reverse chain tug?

I just recently obtained a classic style bike frame that has horizontal fork-ends (people call them dropouts but they're different). I wanted to use hollow axles and skewers on this bike but I think ...
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Trouble with tension adjuster screws on 2012 Kona Unit

Here is the drive side screw on my 2012 Kona Unit: The problem is the screw is very difficult to move and adjust tension. It's so bad that I stripped the hex head used to adjust the tension, ...
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measure dropout to fit chain tug

I want to buy a chain tensioner, like the one in the first picture in this answer. I did some research and it looks like they have different size, according to what they call "dropout size". In fact, ...
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How to remove broken bolt in Chain Tug?

It is now stuck very hard because I used apparently too much force to tighten it, how would you take that out? The bolt is in soft aluminium frame so it can be quite tricky thing to do. Some bolt ...
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19 votes
7 answers

How tight should a fixie's chain be?

I ride an SE Lager fixed. How tight should the chain be and what is the best way of measure it? I have a chain tug so I can be pretty accurate in dialling in the right amount of tension. I don't ...
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How to install's chain tug to horizontal dropout with anti-rotational washer and hub gears?

I have 8 speed Shimano hub-geared bike. When I place the chain tug by, the black tud does not fit into the dropout. According to the thread, here, I can use one chain tug to the right ...
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7 answers

Fixie Rear Wheel Slippage Problem

I have a fixie and I'm finding the rear wheel slips forward when riding (horizontal dropouts), causing the chain to loosen and thus a sub-optimal riding experience. It's not enough to be critical, ...
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