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How to tell if a chamois pad is molded / contoured

I'm trying to replace a worn-out pair of cycling shorts that has been discontinued, and am having a hard time recognizing a feature that seems pretty important: the shape of the chamois pad. The ...
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Chamois Supposed to be Tight in Crotch?

I recently bought my first pair of padded bibs. I was riding 15+ miles on average, so when i got them they seemed like a plush different experience. Now, a couple months later, they feel a little ...
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Alleviating pressure from coccyx with padded shorts

I recently started biking again after 5 years. However, I had endured unusual coccyx pain when I had a longer than usual ride (~11 miles). I even had my skin chafed/torn where the tailbone meets the ...
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How do you evaluate a chamois (padding in shorts) before buying?

Stores only allow you try out shorts with an additional layer of underwear because of the hygiene issues. While this is great for public health, it seems to make it impossible to evaluate whether a ...
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Does chamois creme affect the life of cycling shorts?

Does chamois creme have any effect on the life of cycling shorts? I know it's made to be used for cycling but does it make the chamois (or maybe a synthetic one) wear out faster?
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Picking Chamois Creme

What should one look for when picking Chamois Creme? Are there ingredients to stay away from or that should be in a quality creme?
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What is the purpose of chamois cream?

I've seen it advertised but never used it, what's it for? Is it effective ?
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