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For questions where the young age of the cyclist is a factor.

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What should I look for in a "trailer bike"/"tag-along" bike for a child?

My daughter is growing fast, and will soon be too big for the child seat that is on the back of my bike. She is not yet ready to ride on the road, so I am thinking of purchasing a "tag-along" bike. ...
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At what age/stage should my child be at before I start using a child seat?

Does anyone have any experience or references on when it is ok to start putting a child in a bike child seat/carrier? I am aware that our child will need some extra neck strength to not bobble around ...
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Recommendations for transporting twins on the front of a bike

are there any child seats that can be used for twins (6 month old)? I don't like the idea of putting them in a trailer as I suspect its easy for cars to not see it. Also - special bonus point to ...
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What is the best method to teach a young child to ride?

My daughter is just about ready to start to ride a proper bike. I am loathe to get her a bike with training wheels/stabilisers, as just about every kid I see with them just relies on them and doesn't ...
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