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Chrome is a finish used to protect steel from rust.

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Can you identify my Haro BMX?

I’m trying to identify my Haro. I think it’s a 1997 Zi Fusion but I’m not sure. The serial number is ZIK6F3265. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Can anyone help me Identify this model? [closed]

I have the serial # YC00C07024. Also will attach pics of the bike. Wondering what the value is? Thanks!
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Crank Sugino Impel peeled off

I have Sugino Impel Crank that little bit peeled off (like white spot and Gray Spot). Can I fix this issue with wet sanding using sand paper? I already search little bit, but still Im not sure it will ...
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What is this chrome BMX?

]1 Serial #236777. Lots of GT components. Blue plastic rims. Probably the original tires.
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Restore rusted chrome forks?

I'm restoring an old bike. I have removed two layers of paint on the forks to reveal the original chrome on the forks. Unfortuantly they have rusted, and it looks like it has gone through the chrome ...
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Is this cone nut in proper condition?

This is the original cone nut of a new coaster brake hub I bought recently. I didn't install it yet, it's new. What bothers me are those weird stains / corrosion signs on the bearing surface. It ...
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Suggestions for removal of old chrome?

I'm redoing an old BMX-style handlebar, but its been treated badly and there is rust under a lot of the chrome. Its not saveable, so what is the best way to remove the chrome so I can treat the rust?...
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