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NYC-area bike rental network owned by Lyft

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Do city bikes and hybrid bikes have different frame geometries that cause a performance difference?

I currently have a hybrid bike with a flat handlebar that I ride on roads for exercise and leisure. I want to replace it with a bike with an IGH and coaster brake so that less maintanence is required, ...
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Please help me find the brand of bike on the pictures

Saw him in the movie "Greta", but I can't recognise what brand it is(
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What bike to buy to replace CitiBike? [duplicate]

I've been riding CitiBike for a couple years to ride to work in NYC (7mi commute) and am looking to purchase my own bike. Are there any standard suggestions on what to look for in a commuter bike? ...
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Is there an (un)official rule about twisting back a seat on broken bike for CitiBike or other shared bike programs?

"don't pick a bike if its seat is twisted around backwards. That's a sign that a previous rider found the bike busted." -(from SamtheBrand's answer to How to choose the right Citi Bike? ) Can someone ...
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Messenger bag or handlebar basket?

Fairly straightforward question the answer to which I presume depends upon ride distance, terrain, bike type, and bag weight, but I'm hoping there's a rule of thumb that generally applies to all ...
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How to choose the right Citi Bike?

It's 2013, and bike sharing has finally made it to New York City. Of course, the branded cruisers aren't the most speedy bikes on the road. They weigh a whopping 45 pounds, and their third gear - ...
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