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Typical and minimum ground-pedal clearance

What is the typical and generally accepted minimum clearance between the ground and pedal? Does this vary between different bike styles (road, gravel, mountain)? I've read that designs with low ...
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Does low tire pressure affect safe, minimum tire clearance?

Will running a tire at the minimum recommended pressure increase the safe, minimum tire clearance? If I switch to the tire width I have in mind, I will have slightly more than 3mm of clearance. This ...
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What's to stop someone from installing the largest tyre that'll fit?

Occasionally someone reports that they've installed tyre X on bike Y and have "no clearance issues". Others who have bike Y then wonder whether this might be a good idea. The desire for this ...
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How does front derailleur limit the tire width?

I am somewhat puzzled, because one of the promises of Boost standard was "you can run wider tires". But it does not seem so -- I try to figure out my next (?) setup, 2x10, 29x2.6" tires ...
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Chain touches frame after re-installing crank

I'm restoring a vintage road bike. I had to strip the whole bike so I could get the paint off to re-spray so now I'm trying to put it all back together! I was lining up the new-old front derailleur ...
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Rear wheel centered at seatstays but offset at chanstays

Built up a new bike. All components are new and unused. As title suggests, rear wheel sits right in the middle of two seatstays (checked with ruler and vernier caliper) but is off by ~3mm at ...
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How does the new Canyon Endurace rim version support 33mm tyres with R7000 brakes?

Canyon just popped a new version of the Endurace back in stock and I'm a bit confused. Half way down the page they claim "With 33 mm of clearance, just fit chunkier all-road rubber and you’re ...
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Front tire & downtube clearance - extremely dangerous?

I recently moved cities and met someone to buy a used "vintage" bike from them. While test riding at a slow speed I gradually applied the brakes. The front brake seemed to jump from light ...
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Will 27 x 1 1/4” tires be too wide for an old bike that came with 27 x 1 1/8” tires?

I am restoring an 1970s Schwinn bicycle. I bought a new wheel set but I have the old ones with tires for reference. It originally came with 27 x 1 1/8 tires and I’m wondering if 27 1 1/4 tires will be ...
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Can 700x28c wheels and tires fit in my MTB frame?

I have an old Giant MTB frame. It's got typical oversized aluminum tubing but with roadbike-esque triangle shapes. It's disc-brake compatible and I want to turn it into a commuter bike. The rear end ...
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