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Questions referring to the art and practice of riding up inclines.

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How should I approach hills?

I've been biking to work 2-3 times/week this summer and I enjoy it for the most part. My big problem is that my ride is mostly downhill on the way in to work and mostly uphill on the way home. These ...
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How to improve my climbing? [duplicate]

I can ride on flat at high gears all day without a problem I usually go way faster that most of riders. But once it comes to hills I die... My heart beat rate jump up my stamina go away and I get ...
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How are the categories for climbs decided?

In cycle racing, there are five grades or categories for climbs - Category 4, 3, 2, 1 & Hors (Above Category or HC). How do they decide what is category 1 and what makes it so hard it is a HC?
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What exercise should I do in the gym to assist with hill-climbing?

I have a few events coming up this year which have a fair amount of climbing (one is over a hundred miles with about 6500ft of ascent - that's an average of just over 1% for the entire distance). ...
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What is the most efficient way to ride up or down hills, and into or away from wind?

I'm trying to work out how hard I should push myself when riding up or down a hill. Similarly, how hard should I push myself when riding into, or away from, or perpendicular to wind? My aim is to ...
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Can I fit a cassette with a larger range with my Shimano Tiagra 10-speed ( GS-4600) derailleur?

I'm currently running a 2x10 shimano tiagra 10-speed drivetrain with a 50/34 compact crankset, a 12-30 rear cassette, and a Shimano Tiagra GS-4600 derailleur (that's medium cage aka road long cage) on ...
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Looking for Techniques for Riding Uphill on a Single Speed

I commute on a Single Speed (SS) bike about 13mi round trip. Going home is not a problem as the gradients are low and I can climb them. However, going in to work the gradients are much steeper and I ...
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3 answers

Power and climbing speed

I live somewhere very, very flat (bridges are the biggest hills around) and I'm planning some hilly routes for a bike holiday. I have a decent idea of how much power I can produce, but less sure how ...
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Evaluate hill gradient

I mostly commute and have never had trouble climbing a hill sometimes by using my lowest speeds (or close to them). How do I evaluate even roughly what grave %age I climbed? What I mean is that I ...
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What cadence saves power when climbing?

I'm doing some amateur climbing with a hybrid bike up on a road and I have the following question: How am I going to save more power - having a lower gear but spinning faster in order to maintain ...
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What's the proper technique for starting uphill?

I am a beginner cyclist, having not learned how ride a bike as a kid, I've started riding from scratch 3 months ago. Local "bike buddies" have helped a lot. I'd like to ride my bike to work, which is ...
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will increasing cadence ability hurt my climbing strength?

I tend to spin rather slow when I am riding. 50rpm is a comfortable rate for me to spin for as long as I want to ride. 90rpm seems to be the rate at which I expend maximum power... I can't spin this ...
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