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Barbeque cover for bicycles for durable outdoor storage?

I have to store a couple of bicycles outside. I've tried several types of bicycle covers and they do a decent job but are not durable. The last barbeque cover I had lasted 20 years. I replaced it ...
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Cycling shorts: comfort vs bacteria / fungus?

I picked up endurance cycling a few years ago (30 - 100 km rides), and bought a few pairs of padded lycra shorts because that's just the thing to do. I wash them after every ride -- at least soap in ...
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Rehabilitating leg warmers

I have a pair of leg warmers, purchased from Performance Bicycle some years ago. They're still in decent shape, but the rubber or silicone layer at the top that holds them up has thinned. The warmers ...
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Suggestions for protecting jeans from saddle clamp bolt

I’ve got a bike whose seat post uses the traditional style saddle clamp. It works! The saddle is firmly attached to the bike. Hooray. However. This bike is sort of a “café racer” - I mainly pootle ...
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How to prevent Brooks Cambium C17 saddle from wearing through pants

I've got a Brooks Cambium C17 saddle, and as others have noted (see "long term experience" heading), the fabric covering has worn through the seat of my pants from abrasion and has resulted in one ...
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Helmet headband is getting wet from sweat [duplicate]

I cycle to work on a daily basis, however I do like to also sweat a lot. Most of this is ok, I have a change of clothes and can managed, but when it comes to my helmet, it's a different story. There ...
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How to remove skid marks from fabric

What is an effective yet safe way to remove skid marks from fabric originating from keeping a bicycle on it?-- The back tire of my bicycle has been standing on a piece of rug and I need to clean the ...
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How do I keep my pants/trousers from getting caught in the gears?

I have the unfortunate habit of always getting my jeans stuck in my gears and end up with a nice rip on the seams. I've used those velcro braces to keep the bottom of my pants leg close to my body ...
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How can I avoid getting chain grease on my trouser leg

How do you solve the problem of stained jeans? I'd prefer to avoid modifying the bike itself or rolling up the hem on my pants. Of course, riding with short pants is out of question, now that the ...
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How do I clean chain grease off my clothes?

I commute to work, and often wear my khakis on the ride in. As such, my clothes often get chain grease on them. What products or cleaning strategies do you know that work to remove chain grease from ...
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Cycling clothing care products

Given a "standard" cyclist's wardrobe (e.g. paddded shorts, jerseys, moisture-wicking t-shirts and socks--made of blends of lycra, spandex, wool, and other "specialty" fabrics) what special-care ...
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