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2 answers

If I puncture a CO2 cartridge, will it last a while?

I bought a CO2 cartridge a while back. I think it is used to fill up tires. If I puncture the cartridge, will it last a while? Would it maintain pressure for at least 6 months?
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2 answers

Are CO₂ tire cartridges reusable for multiple tires?

I need to inflate near flat tires for four bikes. This looks already laborious, so I started to think about CO2 cartridges I have seen in the bike shop. While looks somewhat expensive, would be OK if ...
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What is this blue mesh tube thing in the Rema TT 06 patch kit used for?

I own an (old-ish) Rema TT 06 patch kit. The contents look like this: Notice the blue tube-like thing under the left box. In the part list on the manufacturer's site, I couldn't find any mention of ...
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Why are emergency inflation cartridges filled with CO2?

Why aren't they filled with ambient air using air compressors? Isn't compressing ambient air cheaper than generating CO2? If it is, then those cartridges would have two benefits: Cheaper to ...
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Are tubeless tires the solution to frequent flat tires?

I have owned a Trek FX3 for about 6 weeks and I have suffered 3 flats in the last 4 weeks (front and back tires). All my cycling is on road (almost exclusively in the cycle lane). The shop I bought ...
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2 answers

Are CO2 cartridges feasable for use on fat bike tires?

Are CO2 or other portable cartridge style devices feasible for use on fat bikes with tires 26x4.5" or greater? I know there are large 20g or 40g cylinders available? If so, what sizes of cartridges ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Do 16g CO2 cartridges have a shelf life?

I mainly use my road bike during the triathlon season and now that the season is coming back around again, I am finding some old, unused CO2 cartridges from last season (fall). I typically use 16 ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Is a 16 grams CO2 cartridge enough to inflate a 29" mountainbike

I used to ride a 26" mtb, but now I'm switching to a 29er. Since the volume of the tire increases, I was wondering is one 16 gram CO2 cartridge enough to inflate the tire? Notes: The tire will be ...
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2 answers

Buying a CO2 tyre inflater

I am thinking about buying a CO2 tyre inflater. I have never used one before and have 3 questions: Do they have enough pressure to get a road tyre up to full pressure (~100psi) When you use a ...
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4 answers

Is there a difference in having tires filled with CO₂ vs air?

When you fill your tire with a CO₂ cartridge you are obviously putting CO₂ into it. When you use a pump you are putting air into it. Are there significant temperature variations that may lead to poor ...
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14 answers

What are advantages and disadvantages of CO2 inflators over frame pumps?

I have a frame pump that I've used on the road when replacing flats, but I always see CO2 inflators advertised at bike shops. Are they worthwhile for the potential weight savings?
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