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For questions relating to changing the OverLocknut Dimension (OLD) of a pair of dropouts using force.

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Safe to use 10-speed wheel in a aluminum frame bike made for a 7-speed

I have a '91 Trek aluminum road bike which was originally equipped with a 7-speed drivetrain. I upgraded the drivetrain on another bike, so I transferred the old 10-speed drivetrain, to the Trek. The ...
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To Cold Set or Not To Cold Set?

I have a Trek 620 (Reynolds 531 lugged steel frame) from the mid-80s the rear dropouts are spaced at 126 mm. I'd like to be able to run an 8- or 9-speed cassette and I was wondering about the issues ...
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Any special issues with putting a wider internal gear hub in a narrower alu frame?

Can I safely put my 130mm internal geared hub in a 126mm spaced aluminum frame by forcing it? What are the consequences? How would the IGH be "damaged" by this? My IGH hub has a wheel laced and ...
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