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What bike+equipment for a long daily urban commute?

In the (distant) past I commuted 6 km (more than half an hour) each way, on a cheap bike with big knobbly tyres. Soon I'll have a new commute: 18 km each way, daily. That's much further than I've ...
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Picking a bike for a cyclist new to riding on the road?

I've gone a few years without riding at all, and I'm getting back into cycling to improve my fitness. I've typically ridden light mountain bike trails in the past. I want buy a new/second-hand road ...
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How can I get started riding without spending a fortune (too much)?

I've just recently moved to a city (Seattle) where owning a car seems less appropriate than it has to me in the past. Before, I lived in a far more suburban environment where biking was more-or-less ...
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Heavier Thicker Chains and Gears for Winter due to Salt?

I have two bikes: one having gear-things outside and one with inner-hub. The gear-outside-bike has suffered a lot due to the salt during this winter, the other hilariously looks like a new one. I ...
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How to minimize wear on pants

I commute on bike and I wear jeans (which I work in). I find that after about 500 miles of bike commuting in a single pair of jeans I've got holes in my pants from the saddle-jean rubbing. My ...
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Commuting: How to carry office clothing so it doesn't get crushed?

I have the bike. I have the best route. Now I want to know how I transport my clothing in each day. I typically wear suit pants and a business shirt, but not a suit jacket. The ride is 10km, or ~6 ...
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Equipping a commuter bike for a 5 mile city commute

My commute is a bit over 5 miles each way through the city. It's not that long a commute; in traffic, it takes about 35 minutes door to door, and I'm never far from public transit that I could use in ...
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How feasible is an expensive road bike for commuting?

I have a $300 Giant Escape that's used for commuting, but I would like to buy a Giant TCR Advanced 2 which is $2000. I want to have the experience similar to upgrading from a 50 inch tv to a 80 inch ...
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35km commute possible?

Currently, on every other day I commute to work which is a distance of 18km each way. I enjoy this ride but next year I may be moving to a place which will be about 35km from work. Questions: 1) ...
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I am a beginner to commuting by bike and I find it very tiring. Is it my fitness level or my single-speed bicycle?

Foreword: Sorry if this seems a bit long-winded. TL;DR: I can't figure out if there's something wrong with my bike or if I'm just out of shape. What's your opinion? I got the bright idea to commute to ...
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For a long (25mile each way) commute, what kind of bike should I look at?

I'd really like to be able to commute to work. It's a long way though - 25 miles away. Too far for every day, but maybe I can cycle it once or twice a week. I tried it on my old mountain bike a ...
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Cycling to work - 30 mile return

I have recently made the decision to commute to work via bike. It’s about 14 miles each way (so just under 30 miles return). I initially started on my old bike but it clearly wasn’t really appropriate ...
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What is the downside to me purchasing a road bike instead of a hybrid?

I'm about to move to a place closer to my work where I'll be able to ride to and from the office (9km ride each way). I'm not super fit but I occasionally ride to work from where I'm living now ...
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Relative efficiency of different commute bike setups

My interest is in long distance commuting (e.g. more than 50 km a day) and the relative efficiencies of different commute bike setups (e.g. drop bars vs flat bars, fenders vs no fenders, panniers vs ...
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What is the narrowest tire you would use for commuting?

Speed isn't so much of a factor, obviously, but the lower the rolling resistance the less sweaty I am when I get there. Then there's flats to consider. Basically the tire has to never get them because ...
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How can I get started building a bicycle?

Now that I've been riding a while, I'm interested in building my own bike. In this case, it will be a bike for commuting and getting around town. It will probably be a flipflop fixie/single gear, ...
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Proper Posture on a flat bar road bike

I've been commuting on a flat bar road bike for a couple of years now. The ride feels comfortable but whenever I see myself riding I always think my posture is wonky. Is there a guide somewhere or ...
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Options for carrying a smart briefcase on a bike (pannier or otherwise)

Situation I don't own a bike: however due to a recent change of office location, I have worked out that I could cycle in half the time as driving through rush-hour traffic every day. I'm therefore ...
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Do mudguards/fenders help? If so, what are the best for a fixie commuter?

I ride an SE Lager fixed. I'm riding on sealed paths and roads pretty much all of my commute. On wet days my bike picks up a lot of water and also a lot of sandy/silty residue. It coats the frame and ...
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Best type of headphones while riding

I'm starting to commute on my bike soon and was looking for suggestions or advice on what type of headphones I should use to listen to music while riding? I am aware of the dangers of listening to ...
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Suggestions for buying a bike for commuting

I've decided what kind of bike I want (light hybrid with straight handlebars), but have no idea how to chose a brand/model. What questions do I ask at the shop? Which brands are good? Am I paying too ...
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How to tell if a bike is good before purchasing?

Say there's no sales person in a bike shop and you are just looking for bikes. The criteria would be a good bike to ride to work on side-walks(paved or smooth) and the occasional off-road on the ...
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What is a good way to mount / secure a regular backpack, while commuting? [duplicate]

This is a purely commuting issue. I have an around 3km route to the office, and a regular backpack (laptop, accessories, notebooks, ...) which is not a problem to carry around during autumn and ...
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How do I tell if a used bike (craigslist) is worth it? [duplicate]

So there are always a lot of sales going on on craigslist / ebay / etc. How do I tell if what they are selling is worth it? I don't really know the difference between a $500 bike and $1500 bike. I ...
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