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4 answers

How can I reach upto Olympic level competitions?

I am 20 years old. My height is 1.7 meters (5 foot 7 inches). I live in India. I have cycled since I was a kid just for enjoyment. I have no idea how I will reach to world level competition like ...
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Podium girls: when did they first appear?

This is a question related to competitive cycling. I would like to narrow it down to the historical aspect. I am interested in the political and social aspects, but I would gently ask to leave them ...
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What are UCI categories for cyclocross events?

Having more than 10 years of MTB experience, I want to try my first CX race. However when I google for CX events in my country, the results contain some scary codenames called UCI C1 and UCI C2. In ...
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How should a competitive cyclist approach hills?

In this answer Daniel wrote, Mostly what ChrisW said. If you want to become a competitive cyclist you might want to do it differently, but if your goal is simply to enjoy your cycling while ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Does USAC Allow Natural Suppliments?

I'm a non-competitive cyclist that wants to try a few Cat-5 USAC races for fun; unfortunately, at 40+ years of age, I'm taking more than one natural OTC supplement to self-medicate. Is there an ...
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1 answer

BMX: Freestyle vs Supercross?

So I understand the difference between the sports but how diifferent are the bikes? are they essentialy interchangeable or are there special racing BMXs?
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11 votes
4 answers

I don't want to be the next Eddy Merckx; Is competitive cycling right for me?

I've been toying with the idea of joining competitive amateur (road) cycling for a while, but am unsure as to if the sport is right for me: I'm in very good shape and enjoy "basic" road cycling as ...
4 votes
3 answers

Post race analysis of performance

So I did my first bicycle race this weekend. The watts graph was very varied, there was a lot of low watt (150-200w) and short bursts of +400w. I would like to know how many bursts there where, and ...
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2 answers

Velodrome atmospheric conditions

During the Olympics the commentators made a big deal about the need to maintain very specific atmospheric conditions in the velodrome, including having airlocks to enter and exit the building. They ...
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When does a trackstand "officially" ends (or how to measure its duration?)

Trackstands (a trick in which a rider, usually on a fixed-gear bike, keeps balanced with zero speed, by pedalling back and forth with minimum displacement) can be employed either on the track or on ...
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