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Illegal water bottles in actual competition

I've read that UCI regulates the dimensions of water bottles to stop riders from adding aerodynamic bits of plastic and calling them "water bottles". What sort of "water bottles" ...
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How can I reach upto Olympic level competitions?

I am 20 years old. My height is 1.7 meters (5 foot 7 inches). I live in India. I have cycled since I was a kid just for enjoyment. I have no idea how I will reach to world level competition like ...
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Podium girls: when did they first appear?

This is a question related to competitive cycling. I would like to narrow it down to the historical aspect. I am interested in the political and social aspects, but I would gently ask to leave them ...
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What are UCI categories for cyclocross events?

Having more than 10 years of MTB experience, I want to try my first CX race. However when I google for CX events in my country, the results contain some scary codenames called UCI C1 and UCI C2. In ...
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How should a competitive cyclist approach hills?

In this answer Daniel wrote, Mostly what ChrisW said. If you want to become a competitive cyclist you might want to do it differently, but if your goal is simply to enjoy your cycling while ...
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Does USAC Allow Natural Suppliments?

I'm a non-competitive cyclist that wants to try a few Cat-5 USAC races for fun; unfortunately, at 40+ years of age, I'm taking more than one natural OTC supplement to self-medicate. Is there an ...
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BMX: Freestyle vs Supercross?

So I understand the difference between the sports but how diifferent are the bikes? are they essentialy interchangeable or are there special racing BMXs?
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I don't want to be the next Eddy Merckx; Is competitive cycling right for me?

I've been toying with the idea of joining competitive amateur (road) cycling for a while, but am unsure as to if the sport is right for me: I'm in very good shape and enjoy "basic" road cycling as ...
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Post race analysis of performance

So I did my first bicycle race this weekend. The watts graph was very varied, there was a lot of low watt (150-200w) and short bursts of +400w. I would like to know how many bursts there where, and ...
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Velodrome atmospheric conditions

During the Olympics the commentators made a big deal about the need to maintain very specific atmospheric conditions in the velodrome, including having airlocks to enter and exit the building. They ...
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When does a trackstand "officially" ends (or how to measure its duration?)

Trackstands (a trick in which a rider, usually on a fixed-gear bike, keeps balanced with zero speed, by pedalling back and forth with minimum displacement) can be employed either on the track or on ...
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