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Keeping my ears warm while biking in the cold with a helmet

Biking in the Northeast has become a challenge lately because of the cold; my ears freeze. I can't wear a hat (because of my helmet) - I never actually tried, maybe I can. Sometimes I'll put my hood ...
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11 answers

Cold hands due to cold/wind

What is a good way to not have my hands/fingers freeze on bike rides in the cold/wind? I have a pair of gloves, but it doesn't fix the issue. Is there a better way than just to get a really thick pair ...
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Might biking lower forehead temp readings at destination?

I often bike to work at a place that screens all who enter for fever. Lately this has been done with a no-touch forehead thing, presumably an IR gadget. When I bike, even if it is cold enough that I ...
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How to use Windstopper gloves most effectively?

The Cold hands due to cold/wind question had a number of good recommendations, including using gloves with Windstopper branded material. My ski gloves are worn out so I purchased this silk weight ...
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Looking for a cycling jacket for Fall/Spring

I am looking for a cycling jacket for fall/spring. Depending on how well it works I may use it through (part of) winter as well. I did a bit of shopping last night and purchased this MEC ...
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