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How to handle corrosion on brake pads screws on Shimano road bike disk brakes?

Recently I wanted to remove the brake pads of my Shimano 105 disk brakes to check their wear state. When I was about to open the screw which holds them in place I found that some white crust had ...
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Electrochemical corrosion - bolts holding axles

I suspect similar questions like this have been asked before, but rules on this stackexchange require that I create a separate thread. So please bear with me. I believe galvanic corrosion happens ...
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Aluminium "white rust" on roadbike. How bad is my situation?

After some research I did not find similar photos/examples to mine so decided to ask. Recently I have bought used aluminum road bike. I did check all other parts and they are in good condition, but ...
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How can I remove very stuck headset spacers (alu/carbon)

Working on a bike that has had significant indoor turbo usage, (i.e. a lot of sweat has run down the headset) and corrosion has bonded the aluminium spacers to the carbon steerer. The steering is ...
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Why have my crank arms started corroding?

I have a set of Rotor 3D cranks and I've just noticed that the non-drive-side crank arm is corroding at the end and around the pedal bore, beneath the surface finish. The drive-side arm is fine. I ...
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2014 vs 6061 vs 7075 aluminium components

I saw a crankset made of 2014-T6 aluminum alloy (so it was claimed). I read that this alloy is somewhere in between 6061 and 7075 in terms of strength. I also learned that it is also more brittle ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Rescue corroded alloy nipples on wheel spokes, perhaps using chemicals?

My wheelset has alloy nipples which have severely corroded. It needs rebuilt with brass nipples. However, my LBS can't get the spokes out. The nipples are too disintegrated to turn, but not ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Used wheels - corrosion or dried rim tape adhesive?

I recently bought some used Fulcrum CPX 4.5 off eBay. They seem to be in pretty good condition, the hub is fine and wheel runs true etc. However, I noticed that when I moved them I heard dust rolling ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can I use titanium axle bolts on a steel frame?

I'm thinking of doing so for the non-corrosive properties of titanium. Weight isn't an issue. The thing I'm not sure of is the hardness of the titanium vs steel.
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Corroded brake levers

I think this corrosion comes from sweat. How can this be removed?
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3 answers

What are the good ways to maintain the bicycle during the rainy season?

I have a bicycle. I ride it everyday because it was my primary vehicle. When I was going to campus or another places, I used it. Currently, the raining season is on my country. I would like to ...
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1 answer

SRAM Rival brake caliper screws/bolts are rusty, how to replace?

I have a full SRAM Rival groupset from 2011. Having used it in humid and rainy places for a while, most of the parts are OK, but the small button-head screws (or bolts?) in the QR pivot for the brake ...
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12 answers

Aluminum seatpost stuck to a steel frame

I'm trying to free my aluminum seatpost corroded to a CrMo frame. One of the methods is to heat the aluminum seatpost and then to let it cool. In theory, the aluminum will expand twice as fast as ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Would silica gel inside my bike frame be effective in preventing corrosion?

I ride my bike in all weathers, and I'm concerned over the possibility of rust forming inside the frame and going undetected. I can't easily obtain FrameSaver or the like, so I'm thinking of dropping ...
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2 answers

Titanium bolts: Preventing bonding?

I picked up Ti bolts for my [brake] rotors, and am aware of TiPrep but wondered what other more commonly found (and likely cheaper) alternatives are there? Scouring the 'Net, I've read about copper ...
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5 answers

Is this aluminum "rust" in my frame?

I found an aluminum bike in the trash and it seems like it has been exposed to the rain, especially because some of the metal is slightly rusty. The frame is a different thing, because altough it is ...
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How do I fix a dent on my frame?

I suspect that something has pierced my frame. At any rate, I have a dent in my bike frame. I would like to avoid the possibility of corrosion, with minimium cosmetic trade off. So, how do I go about ...
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