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Stripped threads on shoe cleat plate

I have been adjusting my cleats a bit and stripped the threads on one of the cleat plates / bolt of an SPD-SL (the forward-most bolt on the left shoe). I'm guessing that if I stripped one, that the ...
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Repairing stripped frame split link thread

I have a steel frame belt driven bike I've very annoyingly stripped one of the female threads on the frame split link which is on the seat stay. The stripped female thread is for an M5 bolt. I tried ...
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I crossthreaded the bike frame using force on the BB. Can still be saved?

I have a MTB, with "normal" square taper BB, and a 3 chainring crankset from Shimano. After some problems with my pedals, I managed to destroy the fillet on the crank arms too and in the end ...
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Spinning bike's pedals are way bigger than the cleat pedals I have. What size do I need?

I’ve bought a spinning bike that has the cage pedals. I have cleat shoes which I prefer to ride in, so I bought some cleat pedals to fit to the spinning bike. Trouble is I've just taken the existing ...
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Struggling with bottom bracket installation

This is the first bike build I've attempted, so far the process has been pretty difficult but I'm especially struggling with the Bottom Bracket installation. Firstly, I have a frame with a threaded ...
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How to fix cross-threaded derailleur hanger?

I've removed my rear derailleur so many times that I think I messed up the hanger threading this latest time I reinstalled it. It's very hard to screw in, doesn't even go in straight, and now not even ...
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Should a cross-threaded (but functional) freehub body be considered safe?

I cross-threaded my cassette lock-ring on a pair of Fulcrum racing 4 DBs (aluminum threads AFAIK). Upon removing the cassette it looked like the top of the threads were slightly damaged, but I was ...
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