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Recovery time after daily cycling - before anaerobic sports

Just started riding daily (road bike) on a local university's outside running track that's paved with asphalt and cordoned off for only cyclists. Typical rides are 10-15 miles per day. However, I ...
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Can cycling improve my stamina in soccer? [closed]

I cycle about 2 km uphill every day, and it takes me about 16 minutes on my MTB. I hope this will also improve my stamina in soccer as I am unable to sprint/run fast. Please suggest me some good diet. ...
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Can moving cycling cleats forward be a good way to train our calf muscles?

A good bike fit is known to increase power transfer and endurance because it balances our muscle groups. Interestingly, bike fitters often recommend moving the cleats back to put less load on our ...
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Does exercising solely through cycling cause injuries?

I get most of my exercise through cycling. Does cycling without cross-training cause injuries? If so, are there specific injuries to which cyclists are susceptible (knee, hip, etc.), and is it ...
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Cross training athlete, running out of energy during long rides, what should I eat before I ride?

I'm a high performance rower that uses cycling extensively to cross train (the local waterways are.....suboptimal some of the time). When I'm out for longer rides (2-3hr) I generally run out of ...
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What's a good setup for an experienced but rusty cyclist training for his first triathlon?

I've got my first (sprint) triathlon coming up at the end of July. I need a bike to train and race on. I'm comfortable on both road and MTB style bikes, but haven't ridden on either in several years. ...
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Effective 'equipment minimal' leg strength training for cycling?'

What are the most effective 'no equipment' (bodyweight only) or 'equipment minimal' strength exercises for cyclists? There's a lot of info out there about core strength, so I'm working on that. ...
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What is the difference between a TREK 7.2 FX and a TREK 7.3 FX?

I don't understand the numbering system on TREK bikes. Is it the lower the number the better, or the higher? What is exactly is the difference?
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What are good bicycle workouts for a runner?

I am a runner. I run half and full marathons along the year. All of the runners know that they should cross train and the best cross training is cycling. After achieving my long term marathon goal I ...
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