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CUES is a new series of Shimano groupsets launched in 2022, originally intended for e-bikes and utility bikes. It has 9-11 speeds and single or double chainrings.

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Will a 10 speed chain perform adequately on a Shimano CUES 1x chairing?

Situation: 10 speed Shimano hybrid/mountain straight bar shifter, 10 speed Shimano mountain/hybrid derailleur and 10 speed Shimano chain. The person is looking for a 1x crank. Shimano CUES crank seem ...
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Can I use road shifters with Linkglide cassette?

We know that road shifters for CUES may be coming in the future. What's interesting is that CUES derailleurs feature a tension adjuster, which is meaningful. In general, it seems like the new groupset ...
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What is linkglide/cues and how do they differ from existing standards?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, meant to be referenced when appropriate. In 2021, Shimano launched two LinkGlide Deore and XT Drivetrains (shifter/derailleurs/cassettes, numbers ...
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Cues U6000 and Deore M5100 11 speed compatibility

So we have two basically the same looking and working derailleurs: Shimano u6000 and m5100. They have different pull ratios. The question is if friction shifter would allow me to mix "old" ...
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