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Dents, tears, scrapes, scratches to your bike received in falls, crashes, parking failures, roof-rack collisions, etc.

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Seatpost Overextension

I've been riding with my very short seat post extended well past its maximum extension line for quite a while now. Looking at the seat post itself I don't see any signs of deformation or damage other ...
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Damaged (scraped) tire - what to do?

First of all, I am either inexperienced or very lucky because I have never had a flat bike tire in my life. Now comes the question. I have a basic "Specialized Sirrus 2013" hybrid bike which has run ...
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Why is my freewheel slipping?

My freewheel tarted slipping this week. It slips most from a stop with no pressure snapping to significant pressure on the pedals. Slipping may be the wrong term as it really isn't engaging. Once it "...
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Suitable remedy for chain damaged by bike shop

I've got a fairly old Dawes Discovery 301 (not sure of the year); earlier today I took it to a shop to have a replacement bottom bracket fitted. I rode it 2 miles home, and noticed a slight ...
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Fixing damage to brake rim surface

somehow the alloy braking surface of my rear wheel's rim has got a series of quite shallow lacerations, less than a mil' deep bunched quite closely together (the effected area is no more than 1/8 of ...
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Crank arm snapped: what could have caused it?

Recently, on my single-speed bike, the right crank arm just snapped. Was slowly going up a hill, and all of a sudden it broke in two pieces. I have now exchanged the entire crank & chain set (...
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May I ignore the frame damage (or should I get a budget carbon frame)

I was happily using my Canonndale F5 Hardtail to commute to work and other places (like shopping, going to a swimming pool and the like) until recently I had a very unfortunate accident with a car. To ...
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Carbon cranks care?

I have carbon cranks (SRAM S-2200) on a new bike. The side is quite protected but the bottom part, where the pedals are fitted, is not. Hitting rocks on the bumpy road is sometimes inevitable. How ...
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Repairing a Crimped Titanium Frame

I have a Van Nicholas Astraeus Titanium bike, and recently had problems with removing the seatpost. The aluminium shim oxidised itself to my frame. I took it to the bike shop, and in our efforts they ...
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How can I prevent "chain suck"? [duplicate]

I know what the above is: when your chain bunches when you change gears & the bunch runs through the front derailleur and wrenches it. This damage is pretty much irreparable, and has cost me far ...
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Can i stop my frame scratching my seatpost?

I have an On-One Scandal aluminium frame, into which i have put a carbon seatpost. I have been adjusting it to find the right height, and i have noticed that it is getting seriously scratched - see a ...
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How can I determine whether rust has made my bike unsafe?

I ride a 1972 steel frame bike year round through Canadian winters. When I got the bike it was in good shape, but after putting a few thousand km worth of commuting on it, it has a lot of scratches ...
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Is this rim safe?

The rim has a parting at the join: This is a brand new wheel, and I was wondering if this is a safe one. Could it split at the join?
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Checking fixie for damage

This morning during my morning commute I had an unintended lesson in fixie skidding: I dropped the chain, it got stuck between the cog and the hub and locked the wheel. I'm not sure where that skill ...
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How bad is this damaged lug

I have noticed a little crack in one of the lugs of my gazelle steel frame. I hav not ridden it since, because I am worried it will break. Here are some pictures. The lug in question is the one ...
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Dealing with a scrape (cleaning a wound)? [closed]

A couple weeks ago I bought a new road bike for commuting to work with. Part of the commute is along the beach bike path, so there's usually some sand on it. Last week my tires slipped on the sand and ...
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How bad is this broken brake cable strand?

I just bought a new bicycle. While I was fiddling with things (removing tags, mounting a light, etc.) I noticed that the boot on the rear brake cable was loose. When trying to reseat it, I found that ...
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Which parts of a wrecked bike would be OK to use or sell?

A few months ago I was in an accident with a car on my way home from work (oncoming car turned left in front of me). My bike was severely damaged, the frame broke in two and the front wheel is bent ...
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Will I damage anything by not replacing my clicking bottom bracket?

I have a Specialized 2010 Sirrus Sport with a sealed cartridge square taper bottom bracket that makes a clicking noise. If I don't have it replaced, will I be harming anything apart from the bottom ...
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Repair superficial damage to a carbon frame

I have a carbon frame with an integrated seatpost. The saddle sits on a clamp that is meant to secure the saddle on the seatpost and NOT hold the weight of the rider too. I went on a ride and my knees ...
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How worrying is damage to a carbon fiber frame near the bottom bracket?

Last week on a ride my chain popped off the inner chainring and managed to get stuck between the chainring and frame. I (probably foolishly) tried to work it free by yanking on the chain and that ...
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Can chain-slap cause damage to a chainstay that is beyond superficial?

Yesterday a coworker insisted electrical tape on his chainstay was necessary, as "[he] gets so much chain slap [he's] literally snapped frames". Now there's a couple dubious aspects to this--but my ...
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Is there a device for protecting your carbon-soled road shoes from the cleats?

I recently came across this product:, which is a stainless steel shield to place between your mountain cleats and your carbon soled shoes, to prevent damage to the carbon. Has anyone seen something ...
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How can I tell a bike is safe after a crash?

I was recently in an accident where a car pulled out on me. I hit the car around the front wheel and me and the bike went over the bonnet and landed on the road, the other side of the car. I was ...
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How do I fix a dent on my frame?

I suspect that something has pierced my frame. At any rate, I have a dent in my bike frame. I would like to avoid the possibility of corrosion, with minimium cosmetic trade off. So, how do I go about ...
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