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26' Maxxis Ikon 2.35 Bike slipped while pedalling

Long story short bought a new bike, went to bring it inside so hopped on it to ride it to the door, Pedaled hard on the pavement, and then all of a sudden the bike slipped under me. Come to realize ...
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Question about durability of a hardtail

Having an mtb hardtail KTM ultra fire 27.5 (2015 model year) I wonder what it’s capable of in terms of jumping. I do get that it’s not designed for things of such sort but still want to know more ...
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Dirt jumps with wood

I am looking to build a dirt jump track and after realizing how much dirt is really required for a proper jump I am exploring using a wood frame to pile dirt on top of to reduce the need for dirt. I ...
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Does wearing a backpack weaken your jumping technique?

I mountain bike about 4 times a week. I like to do jumps, but I wear a water backpack (water bladder, camelbak, whatever you'd like to call it). I wear it because I find that a water bottle doesn't ...
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I need help adjusting Marzocchi dj3 2011

I want to increase my fork length but I don’t want to change the sag or travel or rebound. The forks are on a Rocky Mountain frame and I want the bottom of my hard tail to be parallel with the ground ...
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I need help Identifying this Dirt Jumper Frame

I just picked up this bicycle but the previous owner didnt know what brand it was. It is custom painted and all the components seem to be high-end with no stock components. Note the unique cutout ...
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Chain tensioner (or tug) for single speed QR dirt jump bike?

Recently i have started to learn no foots on dirt jumps, but i have noticed my cranks can sometimes spin in the air leading to some dodgey situations. I believe having more tight chain would solve or ...
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