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Disability refers to cyclists with disabilities or injuries that make it difficult to cycle. For the specific modifications needed for the bicycles to make it easier for disabled cyclists, see the tag [adaptive]

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Saw a large bike trailer with seating for an adult. Who's making it?

A while back in a city (Munich/Germany), I saw a person with trailer attached to the bike: The trailer sat a single adult in a long, reclined seat No hood/ roof visible construction was from tubing ...
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I am trying to find a trailer for a disabled adult

My sister is disabled and she wanted me to try to find something I could use to pull her behind me when I go for a bike ride....I might have to look at an electric bike to be able to do that...but I ...
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3 votes
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Bike with coaster brake and gears for teenager with disabilities

I have a 13 year old with a form of muscular dystrophy. He's well physically, though not as strong as most kids, and can ride a bike. We got him a cruiser bike, which I then modified to make ...
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Modify a normal bike to suit my disability

I am disabled in my right arm (Brachial Plexus) I would like to improve my comfort on my bike.I would also to know about the braking system fitted on one side.
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Hydraulic mtb-style brake lever on drop handlebars

tl;dr Does anyone know of an existing hydraulic brake lever (eg (like this)) that can clamp on a 31.8mm bar or can anyone think of a way I can hack/bodge/modify one? I'm thinking similar to how CX ...
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Modification for cycling with one functioning hand

My dad loves cycling, however he has dystonia which reduces control of the muscles in his hands. He can still cycle, however this becomes very painful after a moderate period of time due to gripping ...
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8 votes
7 answers

Training wheels for adults

I'm new and just found this site and look forward to being able to contribute where appropriate. I am a stroke survivor and trying to do my best to stay in shape despite my limitations. I want to ...
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2 answers

Looking for bike trailer with pedals for a disabled, older adult

Is there a way to have a pull-along bike trailer w/pedals (similar to the child sized trailer in the pic above) -- but sized for a disabled adult?
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converting a road bike (aluminum with carbon forks) handle bar

I am coming off of a 10 year break from cycling due to a horrible auto accident. I have back issues and have the following questions: Would converting or modifying my existing handlebar help? What ...
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2 answers

How to bike with less stress on the calves

I have a condition called functional PAES, which is caused by the calf muscles compressing the popliteal artery. My doctor recommended activities that would not put much stress on the calves, and ...
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Bicycle designed for one-arm usage?

I badly fractured my shoulder in a car accident and have limited mobility in my right arm after the repair. Is there a way for me to safely bicycle on city streets with one arm? Can I modify my ...
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can only use right hand to brake reliably, due to disability - safer/possible to modify bike?

I'm new here and hoping someone might have thoughts on this - had a look and couldn't find an answer elsewhere! Apologies for the kind of long question, and if it's silly, but any thoughts would be ...
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