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Brakes with a disc called a rotor near the hub and calipers that squeeze pairs of pads against that disc.

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Shimano road bike lever leaking mineral oil

I have a leak in my Shimano DA 9170 (right) shifter. When I do a bleed, everything seems to work for a ride or two and then I start to lose braking power and the underside of the brake hood is wet ...
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Can't seem to quiet my disc brakes

I recently purchased a bike that clearly needed fixing, for a great price. I've given the bike a bit of a tune-up, but one thing that won't seem to go away is the squealing sound coming from the disc ...
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Does (or has in the past) an adaptor existed to mount a disc rotor to a Shimano Rollerbrake type hub?

I have acquired a Nexus 8speed rear hub. It’s a good one and I’d love to use it. However, it has been set up to use rim brakes and under the plastic cover is the interface to mount a rollerbrake. Does ...
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How do hydraulic interrupter brake levers work?

It has come to my attention that interrupter-style levers are available for hydraulic brakes now. By interrupter lever, I mean those levers which can be mounted to the same cable on an alternate ...
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Clarification needed on hydraulic disc caliper and lever compatibility

I have a Scott Solace road bike that uses Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc calipers. The hose spec is BH 59. I want to change from drop handlebars to Jones H handlebars. I will need new brake levers. ...
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Front Mountain Bike Cable Disk Brake Is Too Snappy on First Pull

When I grab my front disk brake for the first time on a ride after my bike has sat for a while it will buck me forward. Once it bucks me it works great. I have tried cleaning it with disc brake ...
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Disk brake issues

I’m new to disc brakes and noticed my braking power decreasing. Took the pads off and they look like this. Do these lines indicate anything? What is a used disc brake pad supposed to look like? What’s ...
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Hydraulic disc brakes operating by themselves

When cycling up steep inclines on my mtb sometimes the rear disc brake comes on without me being anywhere near the brake lever. I can tell it's doing it as it's gradual and pedalling becomes difficult....
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Can I combine two pm break mount adapter?

I think about upgrade my shimano rear brake disc from 180 to 203 mm. The mount system is a pm 160 direct, meaning I currently already have a pm 180mm adapter. Weirdly, I couldn't find an adapter for ...
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SRAM force axs brake judder/shake/vibrate

I have problem with my SRAM force axs brakes, I bought new disc brake rotors and as well brake pads, cleaned it all changed it, but yet when I brake it just totally judders or vibrates it just doesn’t ...
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Front wheel making a tick noise with each rotation ans the wheel does not run freely when spun by hand, stops soon after the click noise

I just bought a new Triban 500 from Decathlon. During the first ride I noticed a click sound with each rotation of the wheel (sounds like a car indicator being on). When I spin the wheel by hand it ...
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What does "unisex" mean in the context of mechanical disc brakes?

I see the term "unisex" used with mechanical disc brakes. What does the term mean in that context?
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How can I determine what postmount I need for my fork / rotor for front and back

I am planning to purchase Shimano Saint BL-M820 + BR-M820 hydraulic disc brake set for my Specialized Stumpjumper Comp and I have no idea what post-mount to buy since I changed my fork and I am pretty ...
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What force (in newtons) are disc brake mounts built to handle?

I'm testing a dropout design and wondering what the standard force is considered for disc brake mounts. Simulation of mine suggests a safety factor of 15 with 2000 newtons applied to the ISO brake tab/...
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Rear disk brake fluid leak

I tried to adjust the pads on my rear brakes but it caused some mineral oil to leak. Not sure why. I only used couple screws to allow brake pads to adjust. What could cause the leakage? What should be ...
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