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2 votes
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Would anyone happen to know what model this HED wheel is?

I have come upon this HED rear disc wheel and want to do a quick cost evaluation, and identify the model year ideally. Any help would be appreciated!
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2 answers

Disc Wheel w/ rim brake to Disc Brakes?

I have a zipp disc wheel that is for rim brakes. Is it possible to convert it to a disc brake? I’m thinking it might be possible by replacing the hub/mount for the disc brakes but I’m not sure on that....
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8 votes
8 answers

QR Skewer orientation

Sheldon Brown's site suggests that QR skewers should be installed with the levers on the left side of the bike, "so the derailer [sic] doesn't interfere with it" and that "Usually, the ...
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Using "disk-only" rim (proper sidewalls) with rim brakes

I have an unneeded disk wheel. The rim is "disk-only", but it has sidewalls just as though it was for rim brakes. The sidewalls are painted though and not machined. (I even suspect it's some older ...
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8 votes
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Why are disc wheels not used in the front on professional track sprint races?

Why are they used only in the back if there is no risk of winds at all?
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