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Questions tagged [doping]

The use of performance-enhancing drugs, or other methods such as blood doping. Banned in pro cycling, and often also illegal.

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Why did the Spanish Courts 'remove' so many Spanish cyclists from the Operation Puerto investigation? [closed]

Operación Puerto is an ongoing investigation (opened in 2006) by the Spanish police in to the activities of Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, a sports doctor infamous for supplying professional athletes with ...
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Why is doping illegal in Tour de France?

It seems like a self-evident truth, but I've never heard the rationale behind it. Why is doping illegal in Tour de France? I assume it is related to the safety of the riders? Then why don't they ...
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Does USAC Allow Natural Suppliments?

I'm a non-competitive cyclist that wants to try a few Cat-5 USAC races for fun; unfortunately, at 40+ years of age, I'm taking more than one natural OTC supplement to self-medicate. Is there an ...
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Motordoping in film The Program

In the film The Program, about the career of Lance Armstrong, there is a scene (at about 29:45 minutes) where his mechanic turns around something on his bike and afterwards he climbs up the hills like ...
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What are the side effects of blood doping?

It has been in the news that endurance athletes such as cyclists sometimes increase their red blood cell count by blood doping. I don't understand how you can just pump more blood into yourself, there ...
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Does the USADA have the authority to strip Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles?

Lance Armstrong has announced that he will no longer fight charges brought against him by the US anti-doping agency. The USADA says it will ban him for life and strip him of his 7 Tour de France ...
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