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Questions about a bicycle's drivetrain system, including the chain, gears, chainring, derailers, etcetera.

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Why did Shimano change their rear derailleur design going from a torsion spring to a tension spring inside the parallelogram?

The older Shimano rear derailleurs (pre 7700) use a torsion spring inside the parallelogram. But with the release of the 7700 group they switched to a tension spring which they continued using ever ...
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Nasty noise from chain device

Hi I've purchased and fitted a superstar components plasma chain device in my specialized big hit. It makes a terrible noise and I really don't see why. As far as I can see I've set it up correctly ...
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Other Dual Drive hubs than Sturmey Archer or SRAM?

I'm looking for a dual drive type hub. At least that's what SRAM calls them. Hubs that are both internally and externally geared. SRAM and Sturmey Archer are the only manufactures of this class of ...
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Bike with a SRAM XD(R) freehub body and trainer with a Shimano freehub body?

I would like to change the wheelset of my bike, but I also have a smart trainer (Kickr core). The wheelset I've retained so far are the Mavic Allroad, that are available with a Shimano or XDR freehub ...
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Pie plate cog on SRAM 2x

Okay guys, I'm trying to re-find fitness in my mid-40s. My bike has a SRAM Apex (don't laugh, if it's good enough for Alberto Contador, it's good enough for me - and you!) 10-speed drivetrain with ...
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Will removing extra chainring mess with chain alignment?

I have a folding bike with 1x6 speed. I plan on making it a 1x9. I saw this crank set and cassette, 3x9 speed, for a fairly cheap amount and was thinking of getting them and installing on my bike. If ...
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Is this FD compatible with this crankset: 2 teeth too few

TL;DR: Q: Can I use an SLX FD on an all SRAM rig? A: Usually not. In the current case Trek Slash 7 2013 & Shimano M786 - no adjustment sufficed to produce a noise-free ride. I am a proud owner of ...
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Is it a X sync or an X sync 2

This chainring is it an X-SYNC or X-SYNC2? It is sold as xsync2 but on the chainring is clearly mentioned ...
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Creak source suggestions

I have a creak from my carbon frameset Cervelo R3SL with full 1osp Duraace groupset and external hollowtec II BB. I have isolated it to drivetrain as creaks when out of saddle or none handed. I've ...
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Possible drivetrain problem?

I recently bought a bike and upon riding it and coasting for a relatively short time I heard a noise that sounded like the chain sort of clicking louder than the freewheel, then eventually the chain ...
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Rubbery chatter sensation in drivetrain

I have a 1x 9s setup and am a strong rider, I ride as a courier everyday. I recently set this up with 2nd hand parts and built the wheels myself. I noticed some slight play (wouldn't really say play, ...