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Why do bike share bike typically have drum brakes?

The most common bike share bikes in the Boston area are BlueBikes, which use drum brakes. As a result, braking these heavy bikes takes a considerable amount of squeezing force. In my own experience, ...
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Need help to identify a brand of a japanese cruiser women bike

I've just purchased this bike from someone who could not tell me the brand. She told me it was Japanese (information provided by the previous owner). This bike has many atypical features, at least to ...
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Tandem drum (drag) brake levers and ergonomics - typical setup/options

How are the levers for 3rd brakes on tandems usually set up? These tend to be additional rear brakes used to keep the speed down when descending, rather than the main stopping devices, and can ...
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Can drum brakes make a bike harder to pedal with?

I have two bikes, A and B. A has drum brakes (back and front), while B has rim brakes. Very soon after buying A I noticed that it was more of an effort to get anywhere with this bike as compared to B. ...
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Can I put a 9mm axle hub with a Shimano roller brake into a 3/8" fork?

I have a Gazelle dutch bike which I want to upgrade with a front dynohub. It currently has a Sturmey Archer drum-brake hub dated 1988, which I believe to be a SBF model. I bought a wheel with a ...
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Shimano roller brakes: differences between each model and interchangeability

One of my bikes has mounted a Shimano Roller Brake (BR-IM35 FF in my case). These brakes on my bike are basically not working anymore and I would like to replace them (it's not a cable issue. They ...
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Drum brake that fits on a Brompton fork?

I'd like to install a drum brake on a Brompton. The internal distance between the drop-outs is 74mm. I don't know how wide the Shimano Nexus Roller Brake are, but Sturmey-Archer's X-FD looks ...
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What is the difference between BR-IM and BR-C Shimano drum brakes?

To ride in a hilly area, I'd like to replace a weak BR-IM45 front brake with something stronger (e.g. IM70, IM81 or IM85). I have noticed that Shimano has two different lineups for their drum brakes: ...
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Tried to tighten the brakes, won't grip at all

I have a big problem. I know I could get this fixed with a mechanic, but really want to learn how to do it myself. I tried to fix (fool around) with my brakes a little the other day. The brakes are ...
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Drum brakes - ineffective when cold

I have city bike with Sturmey-Archer X-FDD front hub with drum brake. Last week, after cold and wet days (drizzle, 2 C), the temperature dropped below -10 C. I store this bike outdoors, I ride it ...
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Internal Roller Brake Problem

I have Shimano Inter M Roller Brakes on my bike. I felt the rear brakes were a bit light after riding 800 or so KM (total mileage on my bike so far) so I thought maybe theres a bit of cable stretch ...
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Axle adjustment in Atom drum brake?

I have a tandem with a drag brake in the hub of the back wheel. It works perfectly, providing a steady drag when descending. QUESTION: Can I simply treat it like a normal rear wheel with cups/cones, ...
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Front drum (was disc) brake only works when going backwards (!)

I am restoring my old bike that hasn't been used for quite a while. The rear brake works fine, however, the front brake has an issue: It only brakes when the bicycle is going backwards, not forwards! ...
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What kinda of maintenance does a Sturmey Archer X-FDD DynoBrake hub need?

I have a Sturmey Archer X-FDD dynohub and drum brake for about 2 years. I've riden it about 6000 miles and I don't know if it is due for maintenance or even what kind of maintenance is required. I can'...
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