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Chain slipping at specific chainring angle

1x11 road bike suddenly starts “slipping” gears without fully jumping gears. I noticed that, only when pedaling backwards in the bike stand, it happened in 180 degree intervals at a specific part of ...
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Change freehub body from road to MTB on DT Swiss hub, possible?

Generally, it is possible to change the freehub body to different standards on DT Swiss hubs. However, their website only shows examples of swapping between various road-specific standards, or various ...
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Upgrading ratchet 18-> 36 or 54 teeth on the DT Swiss 350 hub

I have a stock DT Swiss 350 and I don't like the huge hub engagement delay. With considering upgrading it to 36 either 54 teeth to reducing it, I am concerned if 54 teeth will be reliable enough for ...
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Safely removing DT swiss bearings to re-use them

I have a DT Swiss 350 rear hub and the axle does not rotate freely. Rotation is smooth (not rough) but with noticeable amount of resistance. I have to pinch the axle hard with my fingers to even ...
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What DT Swiss Valve and Tubeless Tape fit DT Swiss Wheels 2291335 and 2569868?

I recently bought the Endurace CF SL 7 eTAP bike and it came with DT Swiss wheels. DT Swiss front wheel 2291335 DT Swiss rear wheel 2569868 What DT Swiss valve would I use for my front and rear wheels?...
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How to silence freehub on DT Swiss Spline wheels?

I just finished building a new gravel/commuting bike. For this build, I have bought a pair of DT Swiss Spline C 1800. However as I switched from an early 80's Peugeot bike to this new gravel, I ...
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What ball bearings for the hub of the front and rear hubs of DT Swiss dt r24 db Spline 2016?

Removed the end caps, but can't read the size w/o removing the bearings since the red side doesn't have any text on it.
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