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Consequences of driving a dynamo backwards

My bike has a hub dynamo in the front wheel. Recently I have replaced the old fork with a used one I got from my local bike club. The new one has fixing points for the cabling on the other side of the ...
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Why are battery-powered lights so popular?

Both on this site and "in real life", battery-powered lights appear to be at least as popular as generator-powered lights. I have always been slightly confused by this. To me, a generator-powered ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Bottle dynamo vs. hub dynamo

I have SpinPOWER USB charger kit, and I am using a bottle dynamo with it. I have heard that the power output from a hub dynamo is higher than from a bottle dynamo. Does anyone have any information ...
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3 answers

What kind of maintenance does a shimano dynamo hub need?

I have a shimano dynamo hub on the front of my bike. Does it need any special maintenance, or maybe it needs just a little synthetic grease once a year, like a normal front hub?
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2 answers

Are there Dynamo powered, rear flashing lights? [closed]

I run a SON hub dynamo and have recently upgraded my front light (the old light and the dynamo are ~10 years old). The new one is much brighter than the old and has a USB outlet for charging stuff, so ...
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Strange dynamo behavior

Some days ago I noticed the light cast from my bike was not steady, despite I was travelling at constant speed. Checking the dynamo when engaged I noticed it was touching on the side of the tire, but ...
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13 votes
5 answers

Using hub-dynamo for both lights and charging, with priority on lighting

I currently have a Supernova E3 Pro powered by a Shimano hub generator, and I would like to add the ability to charge USB-powered gadgets. My main concern, however, is that simply wiring up a charger ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Dynamo hub lighting system recommendation

I'm considering outfitting my hybrid/commuter bike with a front dynamo hub and associated lighting. Currently, looking at Sanyo, Shimano, and Schmidt dynamo hubs. The Schmidt's are pretty pricey, ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Output of a Hub Dynamo measured with an Oscilloscope

What signal do you get from a hub dynamo when measuring it's output with an oscilloscope. Please include information on load and setup.
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3 answers

What options do I have to charge my GPS and Phone using a dynamo hub?

I'm planning to purchase a supernova infinity-8 dynamo hub and wanted to use this during daylight hours to charge my Phone and GPS during bike tours. What products are available that will work with ...
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4 answers

Will running an LED designed for batteries on a NEXUS dynamo hub damage the LED?

I have a question about LEDs on 6V Shimano dynamo hubs. I built up an old Schwinn with a Nexus dynamo hub, and the headlight I'm using is based on an LED 6V headlamp. The LED is a Chip-on-board design,...
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2 answers

Are there LED based dynamo powered lights suitable for night time MTB riding on singletrack?

Are there LED based dynamo powered lights suitable for night time MTB riding on singletrack? Likely they would need to have: High Brightness, likely 500 lumens or better. Not sure how that translates ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How do you repair or lengthen a B&M Luxos Control Cable?

Maybe this would be better off in electronics, but since it's bike gear specific, I thought I'd try here first. I need to have longer control cables on B&M's Luxos U headlight/charger combo. This ...
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Dynamo Lighting Systems

I'm thinking about ways to put a tail light on my trailer (a B.o.B Yak). Our primary use for the trailer is carrying dogs and running errands around town – so I really like the idea of having lights ...
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